Daily headlines - Monday, 11 July

Ljubljana, 11 July - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Monday, 11 July:


"Perhaps the final season of queues on the border": Croatia has received the green light to enter the Schengen zone. Despite the arbitration dispute, Slovenia does not plan to block the step since getting rid of Schengen checks on the border is in the country's interest. (front page, 3)

"Good forecasts with a shadow of uncertainty": Figures may suggest that tourism has fully recovered after Covid, but Maja Pak, the director of the Slovenian Tourism Board, warns that this is a short-term surge. Uncertainty remains high. (front page, 4)

"Dream weekend for Novak Djoković": Serbian player Novak Djoković won his seventh Wimbledon title in style. (front page, 16)


"Unbearable A/C at medical centre": Residents living close to the UKC Ljubljana are complaining that air conditioning units fitted under the heliport are producing huge amounts of noise. (front page, 8)

Covid restrictions
"Summer Covid wave without triage or masks": Despite the rapid spread of coronavirus community health centres have eschewed triage, masks and questionnaires on arrival. (front page, 2)


Economic performance
"Eurozone industry slipped in June": Recovery in the eurozone slowed down in June. Manufacturing in particular suffered due to supply chain bottlenecks and reduced demand as inflation remained high. (front page, 2, 3)

Krka results
"Dividend yield highest so far, record profit thanks to rouble": The dividend yield and Krka's high reliance on Russia and Ukraine dominated the company's AGM. The shareholders seem to have been satisfied with the answers provided by management. (front page, 4)

Healthcare law
"EUR 200 million for healthcare, not EUR 500 million": The government has adopted an emergency bill to reduce waiting times for health services. EUR 200 million in extra spending is planned instead of the initially announced EUR 500 million. (front page, 5)


Elderly care
"Serviced with caveats": Serviced apartments are indeed adapted for elderly residents, but they often have to make do without assistance from aged care homes to which they are attached, despite promises to the contrary. (front page, 3)

Jumping in the Drava
"Breathtaking jumps into the Drava": Hundreds of spectators gathered around the Main Bridge on Saturday to see jumps into the Drava. (front page, 9)

Presidential election
"Strong support can even be damaging": What matters in a presidential election is candidates' personality and how they come across in the public. Support by a party is not decisive and can even be a downside. (front page, 2, 3)

Climate change
"Mosquitoes and jellyfish on the rise": Climate change is strongly affecting ecosystems. The consequences are literally felt on the skin in the form of more frequent insect bites. (front page, 4)

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