Daily headlines - Thursday, 14 July

Ljubljana, 14 July - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Thursday, 14 July:


Heat wave
"Weak of record heat coming": Slovenia will be hit by a new heat wave next week. Temperatures are expected to peak at over 35 degrees between Wednesday and Friday. (front page, 5)

"OZS proposes industry-specific rates": Blaž Cvar, the president of the Chamber of Trade Crafts and Small Business (OZS), says Slovenia should follow Austria's lead and set industry-specific tax rates for sole proprietors. (front page, 9)

Tour de France
"Tadaj Pogačar will fight until Paris": Slovenia's Tadej Pogačar conceded the yellow jersey to Denmark's Jonas Vingegaard in the 11th stage of the Tour de France. Despite the setback, he vows to fight until the last stage. (front page, 18, 19)

"Vega-C roars successfully into the sky": Vega-C, a Slovenian nanosatellite, has been blasted into space, where it will spend two years orbiting at around 6,000 kilometres. (front page, 15)


Labour rights
"Marinblu is not afraid of inspectors": More than a month after revelations of dismal work and sanitary conditions at fish packing company Marinblu, the Food Safety Administration is yet to check whether fish that ought to have been destroyed were repackaged. (front page, 2)

Long Covid
"When residents of Primorska seek help in Maribor": Slovenia is not yet systematically monitoring long Covid. The Maribor Community Health Centre has the largest such monitoring programme and people from all over the country seek help there. (front page, 3)

Tour de France
"Tadej Pogačar loses yellow jersey after crisis in stage 11": Slovenia's Tadej Pogačar lost the yellow jersey at the Tour de France to Jonas Vingegaard, but he says he will fight until the end to catch up with the Danish rider. (front page, 13)


Pay raises
"Large Slovenian listed companies are raising wages due to inflation": Several blue chips, among them NLB bank and insurance group Sava, have already raised wages due to high inflation. (front page, 2, 3)

Job satisfaction
"Why are Slovenians so very unhappy at work?": A Gallup poll shows Europeans are unhappiest at work, with data for Slovenia confirming this dissatisfaction. (front page, 4, 5)

"UKC Ljubljana: We are not measuring anyone's productivity": Some hospitals have never measured the productivity of their staff. This will change under a law passed by the previous government that requires they measure productivity and publish the data once a year. (front page, 6, 7)


"Aimless aid": The government's aid package for farmers has been received coolly. Farmers say it will not make much of a difference, economists are critical as well. (front page, 2, 6)

Tour de France
"Joy for Primož Roglič, sadness for Slovenia": Tadej Pogačar stumbled for the first time in his professional career as he handed the yellow jersey to Jonas Vingegaard of Denmark in one of the most difficult stages of the Tour de France. (front page, 14, 15)

Party financing
"Rich party budgets": After its resounding victory, the Freedom Movement has been receiving record funding from the state budget. Its finances will further improve with the addition of the SAB and LMŠ. (front page, 4)

"Slovenian satellite in space": Slovenia's latest satellite, the Tristar-R, has been launched into space aboard the Vega-C rocket. (front page, 17)

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