Daily headlines - Wednesday, 20 July

Ljubljana, 20 July - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Wednesday, 20 July:


Water shortage
"We are interested in water only when we don't have it": Residents of the Slovenian Istria may expect water reductions soon due to the severe drought. Losses in agricultural production are also expected as irrigation from the Rižana water supply system has been prohibited. (front page, 3)

Political summit
"An attempt to come together before autumn": Prime Minister Robert Golob has called a meeting for today of the heads of parliamentary parties and deputy groups, macroeconomists and energy company representatives to discuss how to provide energy security. (front page 9)

War in Ukraine
"Lviv, a city in the background of war": The western Ukrainian city of Lviv, whose population has risen by a third since the start of the Russian aggression, is relatively peaceful, but people know that Russian missiles may be dropped on them at any moment. (front page, 5)


Heat wave
"It is hot, and it will get even hotter": Temperatures of well above 30 degrees Celsius are forecast for entire Slovenia for today, and temperatures are expected to rise even higher in the coming days. (front page, 2-3)

Ljubljana infrastructure
"Renovation of several streets in lower Šiška contracted": The local authorities in Ljubljana have contracted renovation of Žibert, Gubec and Frankopan streets and parts of Celovška Road along the new apartment complex Bellevue Living in the lower part of the Šiška borough. (front page, 9)


Interest rates
"ECB raising interest rates tomorrow - how will this affect your pocket": Currently the hottest question is whether the European Central Bank will raise key interest rates by 0.25 of a percentage point, as initially announced, or will it go up to as much as 0.5 points. (front page, 2-5)

Sale of Hidria
"Svetliks sell their stake in Hidria": The paper has learned from unofficial sources that spouses Edvard and Ivica Svetlik have sold their 40% stake in the car parts maker Hidria to Spanish automotive supplier Gonvarri as a strategic partner. The stake was last year valued at EUR 33.6 million. (front page, 4-5)

Rail freight transport
"Trains idling due to network renovation, additional freight pressure from Italy": Dušan Mes, the director general of the national railway operator Slovenske Železnice, has admitted that the volume of rail freight transport has dropped by around 20% in recent days, the main reason being work on infrastructure. (front page, 6)


Maribor infrastructure
"First work on new footbridge": Two projects funded by the local authorities have started in the Lent borough of Maribor - renovation of the Drava riverfront, estimated at EUR 7.7 million, and construction of a new, 133-metre footbridge across the river, which will cost 7.7 million. (front page, 20)

"We could fight fires with our own aircraft": Many fires are popping up in the western region of Kras and they are yet to be put out. While help is coming in the form of Croatian water bombers, the paper says that Slovenia should purchase small water bombers of its own. (front page, 4)

Corruption in healthcare
"Orthopaedist doesn't have to go to prison": A higher court has annulled the sentencing in January of Novo Mesto orthopaedist Gregor Kavčič to three years in prison for corruption, and the case may now become statute-barred. (front page, 13)

Healthcare institutions
"Will director Lavre survive?": The new line-up of the council of the Slovenj Gradec general hospital has tasked director Janez Lavre with several measures for stabilisation of financial operations. (front page, 22)

"Not every sheriff should be feared": The Slovenian football champions Maribor will play the Moldovan champions Sheriff Tiraspol at home this evening as the second round of qualifying for the UEFA Champions League starts. (front page, 14-15)

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