Daily headlines - Thursday, 21 July

Ljubljana, 21 July - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Thursday, 21 July:


Kras fire
"Biggest fire in Slovenia's history": Many villages had to be evacuated as wildfire in the Trieste and Goriška areas of the Kras region took on dramatic proportions yesterday. (front page, 4)

Writs of election
"Three more elections by the end of the year": The super election year, starting with the parliamentary election on 24 April, will resume on 23 October with a presidential election and local elections on 20 November. (front page, 2)

Energy prices
"Gas prices and VAT on ice in winter": The government will today cap prices of natural gas for all protected consumers. It is also expected to reduce VAT on all energy products used for heating. (front page, 3)

World Athletics Championships
"Kristjan Čeh world champion and record holder": Slovenia celebrates a new sports hero. Kristjan Čeh became the world champion in the men's discus throw in Eugene, US, as well as world championships record holder with a 71.13-metre effort. (front page, 19)


Kras fire
"People fleeing flames": As the firefighters' worst fears were realised the wildfire in the Goriška part of the Kras region spread extremely fast from the Italian side, where it engulfed some houses, into Slovenia. Several villages had to be evacuated. (front page, 8, 9)

Water scarcity
"Critical on the coast, water still sufficient in Ljubljana": While measures are being taken in the coastal region to delay the turning-off of water taps, Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Janković says residents in the capital need not fear water rationing, but he is urging them to use water responsibly. (front page 4)


"Less food due to hellish heat": Due to drought farming produce is being slashed by half in some parts. (front page, 4)

Energy prices
"When to pre-buy gas and electricity for companies?": Large companies which buy electricity and gas directly from suppliers are not closing contracts for next year, let alone further on, safe from exceptions, hoping that the prices will fall but pundits say they could rise sky-high. (front page, 2, 3)

Telecommunications providers
"A1 splitting into two parts": A1, the second largest telecommunications provider in the country, has incorporated a new company, A1 Towers, transferring infrastructure, contracts and staff working on passive infrastructure onto it. Does this mean a new owner will be sought for A1? (front page, 8, 9)


World Athletics Championships
"Golden day for Kristjan Čeh": At the age of 23, Kristjan Čeh swept the field in the discus throw for the first time. Joy will not last long though as he has set himself a new goal - to go after world record. (front page, 2, 14, 15)

Kras fire
"Force of fire in Kras": A thousand firefighters are battling flames in the Kras as several hundred residents had to be evacuated and international assistance sought. (front page, 8)

Energy prices
"From September, gas prices lower for all": PM Robert Golob, meeting the opposition, energy experts and economists yesterday, announced the government will cap gas prices and reduce VAT on all types of energy used for heating. (front page, 2-4)

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