Daily headlines - Wednesday, 27 July

Ljubljana, 27 July - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Wednesday, 27 July:


Government debt
"End of cheap state borrowing": The yield on the Slovenian 10-year bond has risen from negative to over 2% in less than a year. (front page, 2)

EU gas demand reduction plan
"Winter without major shocks": EU energy ministers yesterday supported an emergency plan for a 15% voluntary cut in gas demand to prepare before the winter if Russia should cut off gas supplies completely. (front page, 3)

Water supply for coastal region
"Huge logistic operation": The coastal region was relieved yesterday as it welcomed some rain as well as water trucks that will transport water from the Unica river to the Rižana Water Works facility in what is the first such large-scale operation. (front page, 4)


"When emergency aid can no longer be taken for granted": Due to a shortage of staff not only community health centres but also hospitals face difficulties securing doctors for around-the-clock emergency aid. (front page, 3)

Electric scooters
"Have electric scooters become a problem in the capital?": Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Janković has announced action if it turns out those renting electric scooters from the sharing system operated by Bolt pose a danger to pedestrians. (front page, 8)

Water supply for coastal region
"Water transported from Notranjska to Slovenian Istria": Water pumping from the Unica river started yesterday to secure supply for the Slovenian part of the Istrian peninsula. (front page, 7)


EU gas demand reduction plan
"How do we reduce gas demand by 15%": After the EU reached a political deal to reduce gas consumption by 15% over the next eight months the paper wonders how Slovenia will do that. (front page, 2, 3)

State subsidies
"EUR 730 million for investment in infrastructure": Over the next few years the Infrastructure Ministry plans to distribute over 730 million for projects to boost energy efficiency and renewable generation. (front page, 5)

NLB bank
"Why has overcapitalised NLB issued terribly expensive bonds": NLB, Slovenia's largest bank, issued senior preferred notes worth EUR 300 million on 19 July, saying they would count towards the minimum requirement for own funds and eligible liabilities (MREL). (front page, 10, 11)


Velenje mining accident
"'You are blown into the air and fall to the ground'": This is how Monday's accident at the Velenje coal mine was described by one of the 14 injured miners. (front page, 2, 3)

Government corporate staffing
"When will Golob take over energy sector?": Major staff changes in key energy companies are set to start in the autumn after replacements at the helm of Slovenian Sovereign Holding. (front page, 5)

"Purples defeated in Chisinau": Maribor held out a goalless draw up to the 88th minute in the return fixture against Moldova's Sheriff and were on the brink of added time that would allow them to stay in the battle for the UEFA Champions League, but Momo Yansane dispelled their dream. (front page, 14)

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