Sate secretary visits Slovenian community in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Zenica/Banja Luka/Sarajevo, 5 September - Vesna Humar, the state secretary at the Office for Slovenians Abroad, met with the Slovenian community in Bosnia-Herzegovina over the weekend, visiting Banja Luka, Sarajevo and Zenica, where she attended a ceremony marking the 30th anniversary of the Encijan Zenica Association of Slovenians.

Vesna Humar, sate secretary at the Office for Slovenians Abroad.
Photo: Katja Kodba/STA
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Humar started her visit in Banja Luka where she met with representatives of the Triglav Banja Luka Association of Slovenians, and then travelled on to Zenica for a meeting with the Slovenian communities from Zenica, Sarjevo, and several other cities and towns.

The Slovenian communities in Bosnia-Herzegovina raised the issue of inappropriate criteria for obtaining Slovenian citizenship as part of the extraordinary naturalization process, as well as difficulties for students getting scholarships to study in Slovenia, the office said.

They also expressed concerns over not receiving voting materials for the general elections in Bosnia-Herzegovina, which are to take place on 2 October, and said they fear the same will happen in the upcoming presidential and local elections in Slovenia.

Humar assured them the office will address the issue in the upcoming days.

She also said state funds will soon be available for the communities. She thanked them for their work and efforts in promoting Slovenian culture aboard, saying she hopes for the cooperation to continue in the future, and promising further support.

As part of her visit, the state secretary also visited Zenica where she attended a meeting of Slovenian communities in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the 30th anniversary of the Encijan Zenica Association of Slovenians.

She handed the association's president Dragan Ga─Źnik the office's recognition for his contribution to preserving the Slovenian culture, language and identity in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Humar concluded her visit in Sarajevo where she took part in a meeting at the Slovenian embassy, and visited the Cankar Slovenian Association.

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