Daily headlines - Tuesday, 4 October

Ljubljana, 4 October - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Tuesday, 4 October:


Interest rates
"Interest rates returning to our lives": Saving deposits are becoming interesting again as interest rates are picking up but they do not yet match the rising prices. (front page, 10)

Ukraine war
"Success of Ukrainian army at the front": Russian MPs voted for the annexation of four Ukrainian regions of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia, while the Ukrainian army is listing one success after another at the front. (front page, 5)

Start of new academic year
"More than 13,000 freshmen welcomed": After two years marked by Covid, the new academic year is expected to be normal again. Yesterday was a special day for over 13,000 freshmen. (front page, 3)


Solar power plants
"Janković reckons not completely without host": After the Ljubljana municipality published a list of two hundred buildings that could potentially have solar panels installed on them, concerns were raised that the grid is already too burdened. But the municipality plans to connect them directly to the distribution transformer substations. (front page, 2)

"Bosnian pot will continue to boil as usual": Elections in Bosnia-Herzegovina have brought a surprise to the three-member presidency, while the same political forces will continue to have the main say in the assemblies of both entities, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska. (front page, 6, commentary 12)


"Apartments that are available until November": The paper presents apartments in Ljubljana, Kamnik, Kranj, Maribor, Šoštanj and Sežana that will will auctioned off this month. (front page, 12-13)

Taxation of sole traders
"Calculations: How much more will sole traders have to pay for kindergarten, and how much for contributions and taxes": The paper presents the latest tax changes adopted by the government, especially those concerning sole traders. (front page, 4-5)

"Orders are down, pressure of high prices up": The paper looks at the situation in the European industry amid price hikes. (front page, 2-3)


"With savings, there will be no cuts": Prime Minister Robert Golob visited Dravske Elektrarne Maribor (DEM), a company managing hydroelectric power stations on the river Drava, to talk planned investments with the management. (front page, 2-3, 19)

Public sector pay
"Raising pay ceiling raises dust": Public sector trade unions make the abolition of the salary cap conditional on the removal of compression at the lower end of the pay scale. (front page, 3)

"After settlement come millions in fine": General Electric has to pay EUR 23 million to the budget, as the court has fully accepted the settlement that the company made with the prosecution over corruption in the TEŠ project. (front page, 13)

"They question the quality of fuel": The government proposes lower prices of fuel for farmers but they are worried about the quality of the dyed fuel. (front page, 6)

Start of new academic year
"They are back in lecture rooms": A positive atmosphere prevailed on the first day of a new academic year that will be free of any Covid restrictions. (front page, 4)

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