Tinta festival brings interesting comic artists to Ljubljana

Ljubljana, 5 October - Tinta, an international comic art festival, is opening in Ljubljana tonight to celebrate the best of contemporary comic art and showcase great Slovenian and international comic artists, from up-and-coming talent to the biggest names worldwide.

The Tinta international comic art festival.
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The focus is on German versatile visual artist Atak, Belgian comic artist Brecht Evens, Sweden's up-and-coming artist Moa Romanova and Latvian independent publisher kuš!

Each of them will be honoured with an exhibition, starting tonight with a multimedia display Atak: Fan Art. How to Be a Detective? at the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum.

The show is dedicated to two comics characters that played a major role in Atak's artistic orientation - Dick Tracy by US author Chester Gould and Tintin by Herge.

After the opening, Swedish artist Romanova will have her event at Zorica cafe to present her critically acclaimed debut Goblin Girl, just translated in Slovenian as Year of Slips (Leto spodrsov).

The prominent Latvian publisher kuš! will have its exhibition open on Thursday at the DobraVaga gallery, accompanied by the smaller-scale exhibitions by young-generation artists, Latvia's Vivianna Maria Stanislavska, Tinta's artist in residence this year, and Slovenia's Nuka Horvat.

The work of Brecht Evens, currently one of the most daring comic authors in Europe, will be put on show at the Equrna Gallery.

US comic master Peter Kuper, another prominent guest, is scheduled to give a talk at Kino Šiška, the main producer of the festival, on Saturday.

Three of his comic adaptations of literary classics have already been translated into Slovenian.

Tinta brings several talks, workshops, master classes, events for children, an auction of comic books, and a comic art fair.

The fair attracts a diverse audience each year with a selection of Slovenian comics publishers, shops and second-hand sellers, and wraps up with the Zlatirepec awards for best original and translated comics of the year.

The festival closes on Sunday with a storytelling event and a workshop for children, while one exhibition will be held outside Ljubljana, in the city of Novo Mesto.

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