Daily headlines - Wednesday, 9 November

Ljubljana, 9 November - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Wednesday, 9 November:


Slovenia-Croatia ties
"Last trip taking Pahor to Zagreb": President Borut Pahor will wrap up his term as president with a visit to Croatia to convey the message that he supports the Robert Golob government's intention to adopt a unilateral statement on border arbitration as Croatia joins the Schengen area. (front page, page 2)

"Places that raised from ashes": What the Tajogaite Volcano's eruption last year meant for promotion of tourism in La Palma, the devastating fire in Kras this year did for the destination called Miren Kras. Under the slogan the Glitter of Fire Sites it attracted so many visitors they surpassed the 2019 figures. (front page, pages 14, 15)

EHF Euro
"Slovenia past Serbia deservingly through to Stožice": Slovenia have successfully dealt with their first challenge at the European Women's Handball Championships hosted by Slovenia, Montenegro and North Macedonia, achieving their key goal of making it to the second part of the tournament. (front page, page 18)

Family-run businesses
"Funds for family businesses": Information obtained by Delo indicates at least three bidders are vying for a total of EUR 50 million that SID Bank and the European Investment Fund will invest in funds to finance family-run businesses without successors. (front page, page 9)


Ski-lift operators
"Winding down the white slopes in the grip of high costs": Ski-lift operators are looking at another challenging season. They will not be able to offset higher energy costs with costlier passes. (front page, page 2)

Ljubljana waste management
"Ljubljana considering another potential waste business in Bosnia": The Ljubljana city authorities are examining the potential to have communal waste burnt in two companies in Republika Srpska, the thermal plant in Ugljevik and Alumina in Zvornik. (front page, page 8)


Property auctions
"Ten flats you can buy at auctions": Residential properties in Ankaran, Ljubljana, Domžale, Novo Mesto and Jesenice will be available at auctions until early December. (front page, pages 2, 3)

"Alenka Žnidaršič Kranjc's Deos buying B2 educational centre": One of the wealthiest Slovenians is buying the B2 educational centre, another family-run business, through AZ Deos. Deos is the largest private manager of care homes in the country. (front page, page 4)


Care homes
"State to cover part of fee rise": Care homes are raising fees to cope with higher energy, food and labour costs. The state is to subsidise part of the rise. (front page, page 5)

"Coalition to try to close ranks": Coalition parties are meeting today in a bid to close ranks ahead of upcoming votes in parliament and at polling stations. (front page, page 2)

EHF Euro
"Slovenia advance": After defeating Denmark on Friday and Serbia last night Slovenia have advanced to the main stage of the European Women's Handball Championships. (front page, page 14)

Local elections
"Fresh wind in Dravograd": Five candidates will run for Dravograd mayor after Marijana Cigala stepped down recently, having run the municipality for almost four terms. (front page, page 22)

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