Daily headlines - Monday, 28 November

Ljubljana, 28 November - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Monday, 28 November:


Triple referendum
"Voters convincingly endorse all three laws": At 41% turnout, 62% voted in favour of the government-sponsored laws on RTV Slovenija and long-term care and 56% voted yes for the government act. (front page, pages 2, 3)

Hungary EU funds suspension
"Decision on freeze": The European Commission is expected to decide on Wednesday whether Hungary has taken appropriate steps to address the reasons the Commission proposed in September withholding EUR 7.5 billion in EU cohesion funds from Hungary. (front page, page 6)

Ski jumping
"Lanišek shines in full glory": Slovenian ski jumpers have chalked up 73 individual World Cup wins. Two of these are by Anže Lanišek, who jumped a record 149 metres in Saturday's event in Ruka. (front page)

Reforestation of Kras
"Trees planted at Cerje": On Saturday, eight hundred volunteers planted 16,000 saplings of indigenous species of trees in the Cerje area of Kras which was devastated by fire in July. (front page, page 4)


Triple referendum
"Opposition vs government - 0:3 ": With 97% of the ballots counted, the results of Sunday's referendum show 62.56% voters were in favour of the government-sponsored law on RTV Slovenija, 56.38% voted for the government act and 61.98% for the long-term care act. (front page, page 2, commentary 12)

Real estate
"They want to upgrade Rotonda to a tower block": The owner of one of Ljubljana's landmark buildings would like to add five storeys to Rotonda at the corner of Dunajska and the north section of Ljubljana ring road. The condition for the time being is that an underpass is built under Dunajska, which is unlikely. (front page, page 6)


Property market
"Have rising interest rates started to discourage people from buying homes?": Rising interest rates and increasingly costlier borrowing appear to have started cooling off the property market, data from commercial banks and the central bank shows. (front page, pages 2, 3)

"If you want to replace district heating with a heat pump, it won't go": Consumers supplied by district heating cannot get disconnected except if the district heating system is not efficient or if they upgrade their home to a virtually zero energy building. (front page, page 6)

Euro economy
"Conditions in November better than in October but still bad": Economic activity in the euro industry keep contracting for the fifth straight month in November, but the contraction was less intensive than in October, it follows from S & P Global's monthly surveys among companies. (front page, page 4)


Triple referendum
"Victory for RTV": All three government-sponsored laws were convincingly endorsed in Sunday's referendum. (front page, pages 2, 3)

Industrial incidents
"Unior: Proposal to dismiss chief inspector": Due to inaction in response to the environmental incident at the automotive supplier Unior, Environment Minister Uroš Brežan proposed dismissal of the Environment Inspectorate's head Franc Rančigaj. (front page, page 9)

Mayoral pay
"How much mayors make": Mayoral pay, now ranging from EUR 2,688 to EUR 4,474 gross a month, will soon be raised. (front page, page 4)

Space exploration
"Man on path to Moon again": NASA, the US space agency, has taken first steps on the path leading to a crewed spacecraft revisiting our natural satellite. (front page, page 6)

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