Daily headlines - Wednesday, 30 November

Ljubljana, 30 November - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Wednesday, 30 November:


"Middle class wages increasing too slowly": Due to outdated tax legislation and years of uncertainty the gap between minimum wage and the wages of those doing more demanding work have been decreasing. Minimum wage has been growing since 2009, while the wages of the middle class have not followed suit. (front page, 3)

Conflict in the opposition
"Novak and Tonin against Janša": New Slovenia (NSi) head Matej Tonin got indirectly involved in the internal dynamics in the Democratic Party (SDS), where the result of Anže Logar at the presidential election still resonates, by announcing the NSi would not join another Janez Janša-led government. (front page, 2)

Negotiations with doctors
"Talks with doctors were not successful": After yesterday's fresh round of talks between the government, and doctors and dentists, Health Minister Danijel Bešič Loredan said that doctors had not accepted the government's offer of a pay raise, as their demands were higher. (front page, 3)


"When there is no doctor for a child": Finding a paediatrician for a baby has become increasingly challenging in many Slovenian towns and even impossible in some. Parents are being urged to look for available paediatricians in near-by towns. (front page, 3)

New national library project
"Start of construction of new national library announced": After visiting the National and University Library yesterday, Prime Minister Robert Golob and Education Minister Igor Papič announced that the new national library project, which has been in the planning stages since 1989, would start next year. (front page, 8, commentary 14)


"What tourist December will be like": The outlook for tourist services providers in Ljubljana on New Year's Eve is good. Prices have gone up, Italian guests are returning. (front page, 2-3)

"How much did we spend on Black Friday weekend": Slovenians spent almost as much as in the pre-corona year of 2019 on Black Friday. But the figures are encouraging only at first sight, says the paper. (front page, 8-9)


Local election
"Mayor in the lead": A public opinion poll conducted by Ninamedia shows incumbent Maribor Mayor Saša Arsenović is in the lead ahead of the second round of local election where he is being challenged by former Mayor Franc Kangler. (front page, 3)

Government-doctors talks
"Fides turns government down": The Fides trade union of doctors and dentists did not accept the government's offer of a pay raise yesterday. The government says it offered more than it could have and that it has to think about others too. (front page, 2)

"High investment in personal growth": Four years ago police charged a number of bank employees for arranging loans to people who were not creditworthy, with the money vanishing in a pyramid-type scheme. (front page, 13)

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