Daily headlines - Tuesday, 3 January

Ljubljana, 3 January - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Tuesday, 3 January:


End of bad bank
"SSH enters new year with EUR 11 billion in assets": The bad bank, established in 2013, is no more. It has been folded into Slovenian Sovereign Holding together with all of its assets and liabilities, further increasing the power of the institution. (front page, 3)

Government reshuffle
"Steps towards a 20-member government": It is expected that all procedures concerning the expansion of the government to twenty ministries will be completed by 17 January. Ministerial committee hearings are scheduled for next week. (front page, 2)

Property prices
"Prices will gradually drop": Opinions vary on how real estate prices will move. Some say they will stagnate or grow at a slower pace, others think they will gradually drop. (front page, 4)

Book sales
"Toughing it out during the crisis": The global book market is estimated to have been worth EUR 83 billion last year, an increase of almost four billion euros over the year before. (front page, 12)

"Lanišek and others hit the Austrian sky": Men's ski jumpers have moved to Austria for the second part of the Four Hills Tournament. There is cause for optimism for the Slovenian team after Anže Lanišek finished the last event in second place. (front page, 15, 16)


Croatia's Schengen, eurozone entry
"Croatia's celebratory double farewell": Just over 31 years after Slovenia and Croatia became independent, the two countries now share a single currency once again and police checks on the border are gone. (front page, 5, 12)

"Lawsuit to get to GP?": The Legal Network for the Protection of Democracy, an NGO, is preparing a lawsuit on behalf of patients who do not have access to a GP. In the past patients have successfully sued for services they are entitled to under the mandatory health insurance scheme. (front page, 2)


Investing in 2023
"Stocks, real estate, deposits, bonds, gold - what to do with savings in 2023": Finance provides investing advice for both conservative and more adventurous investors, as it warns that high interest rates are likely to persist. (front page, 2-4)

Wealthiest people in the Balkans
"Croatian tops the list, most come from Serbia. Where are we?": A Serbian newspaper has compiled a list of the richest people in former Yugoslav countries. There is not a single Slovenian entry. (front page, 5)


Croatia's Schengen entry
"Without gates, but with security": The end of police checks on the Slovenian-Croatian border does not mean there will be no security. It remains to be seen how well Croatia can police its more than 1,300 kilometres of border with Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. (front page, 2)

Ski jumping
"Bogataj ends season, Lanišek excellent": Olympic champion Urša Bogataj tore a knee ligament at the Silvester Tournament in Ljubno ob Savinji and is out for the rest of the season. Anže Lanišek, meanwhile, secured a podium position at the New Year's Tournament in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. (front page, 17, 18, 19)

"Farmers fear decree": Farmers are warning that if input prices do not drop, agricultural production will be scaled back across all segments. (front page, 3)

"Helicopters help Golden Fox": The organisers of the Golden Fox World Cup skiing event in Kranjska Gora have had to ship snow to the piste by helicopter. Despite the warm weather, they are convinced the event will go ahead. (front page, 22)

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