Daily headlines - Tuesday, 24 January

Ljubljana, 24 January - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Tuesday, 24 January:


Air traffic
"New route to Finland, not yet to Spain": Airlines are returning to Ljubljana Airport with direct flights to Finland being the latest renewed route. MPs will discuss a bill to boost air connectivity on Thursday. (front page, page 4)

Public sector pay
"Figures confirm criticism": The government analysis of the situation in the single public sector pay system has confirmed pay disparities. (front page, page 3)

"Snow to stay for a week or two": The weather will be less of a wild ride the rest of the week, but the snow will not melt away for a week or two at a minimum. (front page, page 22)


"What kind of a healthcare role model is Estonia": The government aims to look up to Estonia in terms of healthcare digitalisation in its planned health reform, but Estonia has the highest share of people in the EU experiencing inaccessibility of basic health services. (front page, page 2)

"Heavy wet snow fatal for Novo Mesto velodrome": The airdome over the velodrome in Novo Mesto collapsed yesterday due to heavy wet snow. The venue was emptied out in time and nobody was hurt. (front page, page 7)


"Stocks first choice, but expect fluctuations": There are investment opportunities in bonds, despite the past year being the toughest in this respect in more than half a century, but the first choice for the average investor are still stocks. (front page, page 4-5)

"Central banks' losses worth billions": Central banks' results for 2022 are slowly becoming public knowledge, and it seems the banks posted huge losses last year due to rising interest rates. (front page, page 2-3)

"Južna: I'm a seasoned businessman and I know that Petrol can also go bankrupt": Dari Južna, one of the largest shareholders in the energy company Petrol, was among those voting against Slovenian Sovereign Holding's proposal to dismiss Aleksander Zupančič as a member of the supervisory board. (front page, pages 2-3)


Real estate
"Luxury square metres": There are many homes whose price exceeds EUR 1 million in Ljubljana, but in the Podravje region or Maribor such luxury properties are a rare sight. (front page, page 5)

Public sector pay
"Preparations for tough negotiations": The government has acquainted public sector trade unions with its analysis of the situation in the public sector pay system. (front page, page 2)

"Heating most expensive in Ravne na Koroškem": Energy Agency data shows that average heating bills in January were most expensive in Ravne na Koroškem in the north of the country. (front page, page 22)

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