Daily headlines - Wednesday, 25 January

Ljubljana, 25 January - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Wednesday, 25 January:


"Interior minister missing to make govt complete": Coalition MPs and the two minority MPs confirmed the list of nine ministerial candidates in a 55:29 vote yesterday to allow the Robert Golob cabinet to be formed in line with changes to the government act. (front page, 2)

"Purges at top political level": In Ukraine, which was attacked by Russia eleven months ago, not many things happen that overshadow the developments on the battlefield. But now sacking of officials involved in corruption are in the spotlight. (front page, 6)

"Gratitude for noble deeds": A ceremony was held at the Police Academy in Tacen yesterday to honour 77 exceptional individuals who helped save lives. (front page)


"Handover at city planing department": Ljubljana city planner Janez Koželj is handing over these days to deputy Mayor Rok Žnidaršič, who will now be in charge of the city's urban development. (front page, 8-9)

"What example Finland sets for our healthcare?": After the government announced Slovenia will follow the Finnish model in drafting health reform, the paper looks at the situation in this Nordic country, which reformed its healthcare in 2022. (front page, 3)


"FURS will charge you EUR 44,000 in tax instead of EUR 2,200 for transfer of real estate": The tax on real estate that entrepreneurs transfer from companies to themselves has gone up. (front page, 2-3)

"Banka Slovenije: Number of new housing loans down significantly": In October and November the monthly rise in the number of housing loans was 50% lower than a year ago. (front page, 4)

State debt
"Slovenia's debt has risen in nominal terms, got costlier": Slovenia's public debt in the final quarter of 2022 reached 72.3% of GDP, Eurostat data show. (front page, 8-9)


"Crew expanded": The cabinet of Robert Golob has been expanded to twenty members, which the opposition sees as mainly a battle for posts and privileges. (front page, 2-3)

"West tired of Balkan games": The French-German plan on the normalisation of relations between Serbia and Kosovo does not leave much room for manoeuvre to either government, so neither Kosovo nor Serbia is particularly happy about it. (front page, 2, 6)

Velenje coal mine
"Lignite will continue to cause locals to move": The Velenje coal mine has requested for an extension of its mining right that expired a year ago. This means locals affected by the activity will have to move. (front page, 23)

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