News roundup - Thursday, 26 January, until 3 pm

Ljubljana, 26 January - Below is a roundup of major events on Thursday, 26 January, until 3 pm local time:

President stresses excellent diplomacy, coordinated foreign policy

BRDO PRI KRANJU - President NataĊĦa Pirc Musar highlighted the role of excellent diplomacy and coordinated foreign policy as she addressed Slovenian diplomats on the last day of their annual meeting. She also spoke about the war in Ukraine, instability in the Balkans, Slovenia's UN Security Council bid, and human rights. In her first address to the diplomats, Pirc Musar said that during her term as president she wants to give the presidency true substance while following the fundamental foreign policy principle of the best possible coordination between decision makers.

Unity key in time of crisis, say Fajon and Albares

BRDO PRI KRANJU - Attending an annual consultation of Slovenian diplomats, Foreign Minister Tanja Fajon and her Spanish counterpart Jose Manuel Albares Bueno agreed that unity is key in a time of crisis, especially in light of the war in Ukraine and Spain's upcoming EU presidency. The foreign ministers shared the view that their countries have excellent relations. Albares also expressed support for Slovenia in its bid to secure a non-permanent seat in the UN Security Council.

Labour Ministry asks central bank to relax household crediting rules

LJUBLJANA - The Labour Ministry asked the central bank to relax crediting rules for households after banks warned that the increase in the minimum wage would erode the creditworthiness of large swathes of even middle-income earners. Under existing macroprudential rules, an individual must be left with 76% of gross minimum wage after paying off all of their loans each month. This amount has gone from EUR 817 to EUR 915 after the minimum wage was increased at the start of the month. For every child, the amount must be higher by another EUR 249.

Krka revenue up 10% to record EUR 1.7bn in 2022, net profit at EUR 361m

NOVO MESTO - Pharma group Krka reported a 10% revenue increase in 2022 to EUR 1.7 billion, the highest figure to date. Sales increased in the majority of Krka's key markets and in all product and service segments. Net profit rose by 17% to EUR 361 million, the unaudited results show. In Eastern Europe, Krka increased sales by 14% to EUR 623.4 million, in Central Europe by 4% to EUR 364.2 million, in Western Europe by 7% to EUR 327.3 million, in SE Europe also by 7% to EUR 224.5 million, and in overseas markets by 23% to EUR 66.1 million.

Govt endorses annual contract with STA for 2023

LJUBLJANA - The government approved a contract on the public service performed by the Slovenian Press Agency (STA) for this year, rising the funds by around 10% or by EUR 243,600 compared to last year. STA staff welcomed the development, including more funds, as "an important step towards providing both financial and editorial autonomy". The EUR 2.27 million contract means the STA will no longer be financed based on the number of articles it publishes but on a monthly basis to the tune of EUR 189,300.

Public broadcaster to generate surplus this year

LJUBLJANA - The supervisory board of the public broadcaster adopted a financial plan for 2023 on Wednesday under which RTV Slovenija is to generate a surplus of 3,000 euros, a plan that staff representatives consider unrealistic. The plan's adoption will make it possible to implement the programme and production plan for this year.

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