Daily headlines - Tuesday, 4 April

Ljubljana, 4 April - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Tuesday, 4 April:


Interest rates
"EURIBOR sky-high, but growth to stabilise": The EURIBOR reference rate, has been rising steeply since the beginning of 2022, raising the monthly interest of loans with a variable interest rate. (front page)

"EU the partner of China and the US": French President Emmanuel Macron will travel to Beijing on Wednesday to discuss with his host Xi Jinping the possibilities to stop the war in Ukraine. (front page, 6)

Constitutional changes
"New proposal for changes": After long talks, MPs of the opposition party New Slovenia, and the coalition parties Freedom Movement and Social Democrats will file a proposal today for constitutional changes regarding the appointment of ministers. (front page, 2)


"Elektro Slovenija 1 and 2 to be set up": The recent transfer of distribution network operator SODO into the national electricity grid operator ELES is according to unofficial information the first step in the transformation of the electricity distribution sector. (front page, 5)

"Medical Chamber would legalise amphibian doctors": A bill sent to the Health Ministry by the Medical Chamber envisages a notable cut in levies on doctors' pay and would turn public health institutions into public companies. (front page, 2, commentary 12)


"How to make half a million euro out of 60 thousand in 20 years": A group of amateur investors in Estonia has come up with a fictional character Toomas in 2002 to present a model for investing EUR 64,000. His portfolio was worth EUR 489,000 this March. (front page, 2-4)

Real estate in Maribor
"How many empty apartments are there in Maribor": After looking at the issue of empty apartments in Ljubljana, the paper brings an overview of the situation in Maribor, noting that prices of apartments in Maribor have risen by more than 100% since 2015. (front page, 6, 7)

"EUR 650 million in European cohesion funds available": The first call for applications for a total of EUR 650 million in cohesion funds available in 2021-2027 financial perspective is expected to be published this month. (front page, 4, 5)


Maribor footbridge
"Walking part made out of African wood": A footbridge over the Drava river in Maribor is to be finished soon. Currently, a wooden covering is being placed on a metal construction. (front page, 13)

"Reactions at reforms are too strong": Former minister and MP Pavel Gantar presents his view of Prime Minister Robert Golob, reforms, protests and communication. (front page, 4)

New gallery
"Space for young artists in Maribor": A new gallery of contemporary art has opened in Maribor on to put younger generations of artists on centre stage. (front page, 12)

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