Daily headlines - Thursday, 6 April

Ljubljana, 6 April - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Thursday, 6 April:


"UEFA beating records with Čeferin": Aleksander Čeferin was granted another four-year term at the helm of UEFA, the wealthiest and most influential sports organisation in the world. (front page, page 3)

"Bad omen for revised budget": The Finance Ministry will draw up the supplementary budget for 2023 this month, and the situation is not looking good as a huge deficit was generated last month. (front page, page 9)

Illegal construction
"Against demolition through organised approach": Slovenian owners of illegal buildings in a municipality in the Croatian region of Istria have joined forces in a bid to get construction permits for their holiday homes amid Croatia's push for the demolition of illegal construction. (front page, page 4)


RTV Slovenija
"Wartime disqualifications because of RTV Slovenija": The Constitutional Court's agenda for today includes the ongoing constitutional review of the new RTV Slovenija law, but first the court needs to decide on several motions for judge recusals in the case. (front page, page 3)

"Problems for Slovenian banks also on the horizon": Recent struggles by a Swiss bank and several banks in the US may be followed by similar developments in the Slovenian banking sector. (front page, page 4)


"Do you have a holiday home in Croatia and plan to rent it out to tourists?": The paper finds out the tax rate for Slovenians who would like to lease their holiday homes in Croatia to tourists this year and how the potential tax rise could affect them. (front page, page 4)

Top-up insurance
"Generali raises premium by 30%, what about others?": Insurer Generali has announced that from 1 May it will increase its top-up health insurance monthly premium by 30% to EUR 44.89, and other insurers are likely to follow suit. (front page, page 5)

Car industry
"Odometer rollbacks in cars: Easily done, but almost impossible to hide": Odometer frauds are easily committed nowadays but much harder to conceal. According to some sources, mileage in one in two imported used cars in Slovenia has been rolled back. (front page, page 12)


"New kindergartens": The paper looks at the Maribor municipality's plans for building new kindergartens amid the increased demand. (front page, page 13)

Top-up insurance
"Top-up health insurance getting more expensive": Insurer Generali has announced a higher premium for top-up health insurance plans, and Vzajemna and Triglav are soon to follow suit. (front page, page 4)

"Čeferin would like to see more peaceful term": Aleksander Čeferin, a Slovenian lawyer, has been re-elected UEFA boss in a unanimous vote. Being at the helm of the European governing body of football since 2016, Čeferin has weathered many crises and he would like his third term to be crisis-free. He also told Večer he would like the Ukraine war to end ASAP. (front page, page 10)

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