Daily headlines - Tuesday, 11 April

Ljubljana, 11 April - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Tuesday, 11 April:


Staff shortage
"Staff shortage becoming an increasingly big problem": In just over a decade, employers in Slovenia will be looking for some 390,000 new employees in different fields, which means almost half of all employees will need to be replaced. (front page, 3)

Public opinion poll
"Changes in Barometer": Almost a year after the election the Barometer poll shows the opposition party the Democrats (SDS) and the ruling Freedom Movement are neck-and-neck. (front page, 2)

Blessing of motorcycles
"Easter blessing in Mirna Peč": More than 15,000 motorcyclists gathered in Mirna Peč on Easter Monday for the 25th blessing of motorcycles ahead of the new season. (front page, 4)


Stožice project
"Energetika paying rent to Rastoder": The company Rastoder, the owner of the unfinished shopping mall at Stožice, has ordered a due diligence of the works done so far before new works could continue. (front page, 7)

Former president
"Pahor fortifying his brand and marketing it": Former President Borut Pahor has launched a Mastercard podcast of inspiration a few days ago where he plans to interview "exceptional" people, for which he will be paid. (front page, 3)

"Mala Mojstrovka: Avalanche takes five into the depth": Fifty-three mountain rescuers and an army and police chopper were rescuing a group of mountaineers swept away be an avalanche for seven hours on Sunday. (front page, 10)


Payment default
"Alarm for payment default": A recent S&P Global report on the conditions for loans in the second quarter of 2023 warns of significant additional risks in paying off loans and of defaults. (front page, 2, 3)

Energy companies
"How Golob's new energy sector is being created": After the merger of Eles and SODO, electricity distributors and retailers are to be merged as well. (front page, 5)

Real estate prices
"Inflation eating away price rises in nominal terms": The latest report on real estate prices by Global Property Guide says the long-term period of strong growth of apartment prices which take inflation into account is over. (front page, 14, 15)


Meat prices
"Agri-food market under pressure": Large quantities of imported beef are bringing down the prices of domestically produced meat, while most of the pork is being sold to Austria. (front page, 4)

Ruling coalition
"Soon a year will have passed since the election": The paper looks at the shape of the ruling coalition and the opposition a year after the general election. (front page, 2, 3)

Covid-19 tracker
"Tracker was a lighthouse": The Covid-19 tracker was a unique product that set the diagnosis for the entire country during the pandemic. The paper looks at its future. (front page, 6)

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