Roto Slovenija acquires Canadian kayak maker

Puconci, 11 April - Plastic products maker Roto Slovenija has acquired the Canadian kayak maker Delsyk Kayak in a deal that includes the trademark and the production, making Roto Slovenija the company with the biggest range of kayaks and canoes in the world, the company said on Tuesday.

The Slovenian company Roto Slovenija takes over the Canadian company Delsyk Kayak. Delsyk kayaks being tested.
Photo: Roto Slovenija

Murska Sobota
Roto Slovenija
Photo: STA
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Roto Slovenija, based in the north-east of the country, will continue to uphold the 40-year tradition of Delsyk Kayak. This Canadian pioneer of polyethylene sea kayaks was founded by the late Mike Neckar, one of the most creative kayak designers in the world, according to Roto. His kayaks were used in some historic trips, like the first and only kayak journey from California to Hawaii.

Roto Slovenija has already tested six models of kayaks on the Slovenian coast with the help of Benjamin Savšek, Olympic champion in slalom canoeing.

The company started producing kayaks in 1996 and has expanded in this segment by acquiring five kayak makers. They currently produce 72 models of kayaks.

Roto Slovenija recorded a sales revenue of EUR 11.58 million in 2021, which is a 25% growth from the year before. Net profit grew by 19% to EUR 192,000, according to AJPES, the agency for public legal records.

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