Daily headlines - Thursday, 13 April

Ljubljana, 13 April - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Thursday, 13 April:


Health insurance
"Top-up insurance merging into compulsory insurance": The health and finance ministers nodded to the proposal of the MPs of the ruling Freedom Movement to remodel the top-up health insurance system to make it compulsory for all. The monthly payment would be, for now, kept at EUR 35. (front page, 3)

Peer violence
"Social networks are a social problem": A peer violence case from Celje has raised the issue of people recording violence and doing nothing, or watching it on social networks as content to be consumed. (front page, 4)

Tribute to Alma Karlin
"Alma joins Lila and Duša": A new hall dedicated to Slovenian traveller and writer Alma Karlin (1889-1950) will open this evening at the Cankarjev Dom arts centre in Ljubljana with the staging of the monodrama Alma by Cankarjev Dom director Uršula Cetinski. (front page, 16)


Health insurance
"Slashing profits of private insurers": Top-up health insurance is expected to be replaced in September with a compulsory health insurance contribution in the amount of EUR 35, which will be collected by the ZZZS public health insurance fund and not private insurers, as is the case now. (front page, 2)

Peer violence
"No violence is acceptable": The police are investigating a peer violence case in Celje, where teenagers physically and verbally abused their peer last Saturday, recording the violence on mobile phones and sharing the videos on social networks. (front page, 19)


"Flat raters, you should be careful of this if you want your capital gains to be taxed under personal income tax scale": The paper publishes examples and advice for people paying a flat-rate tax and other individuals about what they should be careful of if they want their capital gains to be taxed under the personal income tax scale. (front page, 2-3)

"New favourable loans for companies whose business has suffered due to war in Ukraine": EUR 50 million in such loans is available through a new programme of the SID export and development bank for financing of technological investments and other investments and operating assets. (front page, 2-3)

Regional employers
"Largest employer in Notranjska: Good forecasts due to heat pump boom": The Slovenian subsidiary of the German ebm-papst group, based in Cerknica, last year started producing fans for heat pumps after the gas crisis in Europe has increased demand for heating with heat pumps. (front page, 10)


Health insurance
"Response to price hikes": In an attempt to regain the declining trust, the ruling Freedom Movement has proposed that top-up health insurance be abolished as a response to the announced increase in the monthly premium charged by private insurers. (front page, 13)

"They are still waiting for government's reply": Pensioner representatives have called on the government to approve an extraordinary increase in pensions of 3.5% for people who retired by 2011, and after that by an additional 1%. Unofficially, the government is not inclined to the proposal, for which it would need EUR 198 million a year. (front page, 4)

Reading culture
"Young read Slovenian authors": In the past year, the most widely borrowed books in Slovenian libraries by young people are those penned by domestic authors, which is a surprising and encouraging news in the era of global literary bestsellers. (front page, 12)

"Gypsum scandal (still) without epilogue": One year has passed since it transpired that over 500 tonnes of waste gypsum containing high levels of heavy metals was dumped on agricultural land in the northern region of Koroška instead of lime. The gypsum is still lying on the ground. (front page, 15)

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