Daily headlines - Friday, 14 April

Ljubljana, 14 April - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Friday, 14 April:


Input prices
"Cheaper raw materials not reflecting in people's pockets yet": Companies are reporting a drop in expenses due to lower input prices, but this does not mean consumers can hope prices of end products will drop as well. (front page, page 8)

"Stolen, bought, sometimes returned": The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists has found more than 1,000 artifacts in the largest and most popular US museum, New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, to be of suspicious origin. (front page, page 17)

Health reform
"Brecelj: Minister ignores us": Amendments to the Health Care and Health Insurance Act meant to transfer top-up health insurance premiums to the public health fund as a major reform bill have been filed without the strategic council working on the health reform knowing about it, the council's head, surgeon Erik Brecelj said. This was one of the reasons for discussion on the council yesterday whether it made sense going on with their work at all. (front page, page 3)


Domestic violence
"Femicide as a stand-alone criminal offence": The Justice Ministry is planning to enter femicide as a new criminal offence in the penal code in the autumn. Five to seven such intimate partnership crimes are recorded in Slovenia a year as the most common cause of violent death in women. (front page, page 3)

Logging accidents
"Six have died working in forest this year": The Slovenia Forest Service has recorded 23 grave work accidents in forests in only three months this year, six of which fatal. This is as many logging deaths as in the 12 months put together in the previous two years. (front page, page 5)

"No end in sight to construction on Tržaška Road": Construction of sewerage on part of Tržaška Road, which is causing congestions, is to be completed next month, but soon a new building site will open at Dolgi Most. (front page, page 8)


"Date rape drug among us": During a concert at a well-known Ljubljana venue a week ago three girlfriends felt unusually intoxicated after having a spritzer. One of them got tested to find she had been given GHB, also known as the date rape drug. The paper looks at how spread the drug is in Slovenia. (front page, pages 2, 3)

Doctor training
"How to get more medical students": The existing medical schools in Ljubljana and Maribor are hardly managing to ensure enough clinical teachers. Founding a third medical school to generate enough doctors would pose the risk of schools "poaching" teachers. (front page, page 4)

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