Daily headlines - Tuesday, 18 April

Ljubljana, 18 April - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Tuesday, 18 April:


Waters act
"Act threat to water and business development": The Administrative Court found last year that the water act banned construction and upgrades in water protection areas of facilities that would require an environmental permit. Businesses warn that this will hinder Slovenia's green transition. Over 60 companies with a combined annual revenue of EUR 4.3 billion are unable to upgrade their facilities. (front page, 9)

"Our own fleet to fight fires": Defence Minister Marjan Šarec said a new era of firefighting was starting in Slovenia, as he signed a contract for four firefighting aircraft. The first two are due for delivery before the summer and another two next year. (front page)

"A smoke bomb and a bombshell": The meeting of G7 foreign ministers is taking place in the shadow of two events: a smoke bomb attack on Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and a bombshell from French President Emmanuel Macron about Taiwan that Europe should not find itself in a crisis that is not its own. (front page, 5)


Healthcare reform
"Hypertrophy of decision-makers, atrophy of decisions": The healthcare reform is being drafted by three teams, the deputy group of the Freedom Movement, the ministry and the strategic council for healthcare, which means the proposals are not coordinated and there are many clashes between the teams. (front page, 2)

Border fence
"Non-transparent documents, slow removal etc.": An audit report found a number of problems with the government's tender for the removal of the border fence, which was awarded to Minis, the same company that erected the fence. (front page, 3)

Cave rescue
"Injured caver rescued after 33 hours": An injured caver, struck unconscious by a rock, was rescued from a newly uncovered cave in a 33-hour effort, one of the most difficult ever in Slovenia, as the woman was unconscious the entire time. (front page)


Managerial pay
"How much did managers of public trading companies make last year?": The paper runs a list of the best paid managers in public trading companies. The CEO of drug maker Krka, Jože Colarič, remains at the top of the ranking, having made EUR 1.4 million gross, EUR 574 million net last year. (front page, 4 and 5)

Real estate
"Return to 2008: How expensive are flats in Ljubljana today": The paper provides an overview of prices of flats in Ljubljana with calculations showing how affordable they are, taking into account the growth of salaries and other factors. (front page-3)


"Popularity of camping increasing, so are prices": Camping prices in Croatia have increased more than elsewhere this year. Slovenia does not have five-star camps, like many other countries. (front page, 19)

Relationship between president and PM
"President would oversee PM": Some believe that President Nataša Pirc Musar has entered slippery terrain by commenting on the government's reforms. (front page, 2)

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