Daily headlines - Friday, 21 April

Ljubljana, 21 April - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Friday, 21 April:


Solar energy
"Overburdened network cannot handle solar challenge": If only slightly adjusted, the Slovenian electricity distribution network would allow for double capacities of solar panels, which have become the cheapest source of electricity. (front page, 3)

"EU budget affected too": The EU's public prosecution has sent an indictment to the Celje District Court alleging that two individuals and two companies used fraud to win some EUR 648,000, mostly EU funding. (front page, 4)

Africa Day conference
"Winning African votes at Brdo": The 12th Africa Day international conference, which will wrap up at Brdo pri Kranju today, is this year held in the context of Slovenia's bid for a non-permanent seat in the UN Security Council. (front page, 5)


Nuclear energy
"Krško 2 goldmine for well-known Slovenian lobbyists": The planned unit 2 at the Krško Nuclear Power Station (NEK) has in the past two years become a buzzword in mainstream media and parliament. A number of professionals have been working on that. The state-owned company Gen Energija allocated almost a million euro for systematic promotion of the project in the last couple of years. (front page, 5)

"Ride from Kočevje to Ljubljana can take up to three hours due to road closure": Some roads in Škofljica are closed for traffic between 6am and 9am for children's safety. This causes long tailbacks of traffic on the Kočevje-Ljubljana regional road every morning.


"Who will pay for healthcare": All three private insurers offering top-up health insurance recorded a loss on this segment last year. Top-up health insurance is inevitable in some other countries too. (front page, 2, 3)

Maribor budget
"City gets record high budget": The Maribor city council has unanimously confirmed the budget for 2023 after all. It amounts to EUR 190.8 million. (front page, 13)

Deželna Banka Slovenije
"Why Deželna Banka should be sold": The decision to sell Deželna Banka Slovenije, one of the smallest Slovenian banks, has raised dust among cooperatives. Some oppose the decision, including the KZ Celje agricultural cooperative. (front page, 5)

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