Daily headlines - Monday, 24 April

Ljubljana, 24 April - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Monday, 24 April:


"Even its voters dissatisfied with the government": A year after the general election, public opinion trends for the largest ruling coalition party in particular are a cause for concern. The party's "impulsive leader Robert Golob has surrounded himself with aides that have obviously not been giving him good guidance". (front page, page 2)

Sudan crisis
"Evacuation of foreigners from Sudan stepped up": As fierce fighting continues to rage in Khartoum, more than 200,000 people have fled the capital over the past ten days. The US has evacuated diplomatic staff from its embassy with many other countries following suit. (front page, page 5)

"Festival still owing money to buyers": Slovenia's largest metal music festival owes money to customers who claim a refund for the tickets they bought for the events that were cancelled during the pandemic. (front page, page 6)


Voter approval ratings
"Less Freedom, more Democrats": A year after the general election, 72% of those questioned in a poll commissioned by Dnevnik are happy with how they voted. However, much fewer are happy with the ruling coalition's job. The Freedom Movement is losing support as the SDS is gaining it. (front page, pages 2, 3)

Rail infrastructure
"Medvode in desperate need of a second track": After plans to build a second rail track between Ljubljana and Kranj upset the people of Orehek near Kranj at the beginning of this month, the Medvode municipality is trying to better inform the locals about the project. (front page, page 6)


Business results of well-known figures
"How was the business last year for the companies of politicians, lawyers, lobbyists, professors etc": As fresh data is available from today on the performance of most smaller companies that do not subject to auditing rules, the paper looks at the results of some of the more interesting businessmen and firms such as that of Economy Minister Matjaž Han. (front page, pages 2-4)

Euro economy
"April deja vu for euro economy: economy of two speeds is back": Economic activity in the euro zone was accelerated to levels last seen 11 months ago in April, but this was mainly thanks to the services sector as manufacturing slowed down compared to March, according to Global's Purchasing Managers' Index. (front page, pages 4, 5)

"What is Minister Bešič Loredan hiding": The number of patients waiting unacceptably long for health services keeps increasing, something the Health Ministry is not talking about and is hiding the effect of the first EUR 79 million spent to cut wait times. (front page, pages 6, 7)


"Great expectations, few results": A year ago, to the day, the Freedom Movement won the election, but the great expectations it raised have since been replaced by doubts about realistic results of the three-party coalition. (front page, pages 2, 3)

Wind farms
"For wind-turbine-free Pohorje": The plans for a wind farm on the Pohorje hills have this time upset the people of Slovenska Bistrica. At a protest they stated their opposition to wind turbine pylons six times the height of spruce trees. (front page, page 8)

Wine industry
"Working together for breakthrough": One of the main messages of the Slovenian Winemakers' Congress in Ptuj was the need for joint action and promotion to bring about a breakthrough for the Slovenian wine industry. (front page, page 4)

Identity document photo app
"Photko as official photographer": Ptuj photographers Helena Murko and Rado Stropnik and their associates have developed the first Slovenian remote biometric authentication app, which allows you to take photos for your identity documents yourself. (front page, page 26)

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