Daily headlines - Thursday, 8 June

Ljubljana, 8 June - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Thursday, 8 June:


"Inflation in Slovenia persists above euro zone average": The market situation allows for higher profit margins, while one of the factors increasing inflation is non-targetted public spending. (front page, page 3)

"Ethical dilemma of digitalisation": The Education Ministry sees digitalisation in kindergartens and schools as one of the priorities, but education and health experts urge caution to avoid excessive screen time and its negative impacts. (front page, page 2)

"Mobility of future as strategic challenge": The basis for the mobility of the future is people's awareness and skills, heard an event on mobility organised by Delo. (front page, pages 8, 9)


"Janković: We'll be stuck in traffic this year": Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Janković is pessimistic about the situation on Slovenian roads this year, since he believes that the country's road network cannot accommodate such a high volume of vehicles. (front page, page 8)

"Political ideas disguised as civil society": The SocDems recently established an "institute", and the Left will soon follow suit, while the two opposition parties have had their own think tanks for years. (front page, page 2)

"June in Ljubljana: Festival kicks off singing evergreens": The 15th June in Ljubljana festival got under way yesterday with a concert by the Big Band Orchestra of the Slovenian Armed Forces and soloists. Until 21 June, a series of free outdoor concerts and performances will play out. (front page, page 10)


"What kind of interest rates await consumers?": After the central bank announced it will relax restrictions on crediting, the paper looks at how this will impact the level of interest rates. (front page, page 5)

Economic outlook
"Slovenia's GDP to grow by 1.5% this year, inflation at 7.3%": The OECD has significantly improved its projection for Slovenia's GDP growth this year, but the pace at which the economy will expand will be still much slower compared to last year. (front page, pages 6, 7)

"Where are remaining strongholds of the left in EU": The political orientation map of the EU shows that countries with a right-wing government are in the majority, and ahead of the European elections a campaign has been launched to turn the EU Parliament right-wing as well. (front page, pages 2-4)


"Hospitality providers desperate": The prolonged renovation of the Lent boardwalk area in Maribor has negatively affected local establishments with restaurant and cafe owners losing at least half of their revenue. (front page, pages 14, 15)

UN election
"Triumph of Tanja Fajon": Slovenia's election to the UN Security Council is the greatest political win of Foreign Minister Tanja Fajon so far and a reward for her commitment during the country's campaign. (front page, page 4)

Air traffic
"Slovenia, hard to access and neglected": Foreign guests at international events point out that it is hard to get to Slovenia, businesses warn as they underline challenges stemming from Slovenia's poor air connectivity. (front page, pages 2, 3)

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