Slovenians to travel abroad despite higher costs

Ljubljana, 26 June - Almost half of Slovenians planning a vacation abroad say that the high inflation and the increased costs of living will not stop them from travelling. About 54% will, however, reconsider the length of their vacation, according to a survey conducted by the American financial services corporation VISA.

Vistitors with suitcases.
Photo: Bor Slana/STA
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The survey of travel plans and payment methods, carried out across eight countries in Central and Eastern Europe, found that half of the participating Slovenians plan to travel abroad this year. The average length of their vacation will be nine days and most will spend between 200 to 600 euros per person.

Of those, around two-thirds would like to travel at least twice a year and most will plan their vacation themselves. For their second vacation, they will opt for short trips and visits to foreign cities, which are particularly popular with millennials and Generation Z.

The most popular travel destinations are Croatia (68%), Italy (19%), Greece (15%), Austria (13%) and Spain (8%).

Almost three quarters of those buying holiday packages will do so online through travel agencies or similar platforms, 60% will pay using a credit card or a digital wallet.

The survey also showed that 74 percent of all participating Slovenians will pay using a debit card, a smart phone or watch during their vacation. The most common places to pay with cards are restaurants, grocery stores, museums, amusement parks and public transport.

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