N-plant no longer on "abnormal event" protocol

Ljubljana/Krško, 5 August - After getting ready for high water levels of the river Sava and a possible risky event on Friday evening, the Krško Nuclear Plant (NEK), the only nuclear power station in Slovenia, relaxed its alert level around midday on Saturday in the face of improved conditions, the country's Nuclear Safety Administration said on its website.

The Krško Nuclear Plant (NEK).
Photo: Bor Slana/STA
File photo

NEK declared what it termed an "abnormal event" on Friday at 6:30pm as the Sava was rising, although the plant's safety was not at risk at any time.

The Sava water levels started receding and are below the level that triggers protocols to declare an abnormal event, the Nuclear Safety Administration said.

Since the abnormal event protocol is no longer in place, a task force monitoring the situation at NEK has been disbanded, explained Tomaž Nemec from the administration.

Only one person at the administration remains on duty to monitor the situation.

By preparing for potentially high water levels, NEK had prepared for the Sava's negative impact on its equipment and the plant's operations.

The plant has all along continued producing power as normal, with Nemec noting the importance of reliable electricity supply in such extreme weather for people and relief and rescue services.

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