EU Civil Protection Mechanism activated, Slovenia asks for heavy machinery

Ljubljana, 6 August - At the request of Slovenia, which is dealing with devastating floods, the EU has triggered its Civil Protection Mechanism for the country, European Commissioner for Crisis Management Janez Lenarčič announced on Sunday. Slovenia has mainly requested heavy machinery along with their operators, and prefabricated temporary bridges.

Floods in Kamnik
Photo: Mountain Rescue Association of Slovenia

The list of needs compiled by Slovenia has already been sent to the EU member states, Lenarčič, the European commissioner from Slovenia, said on Twitter.

The list comes as the rescue efforts in most areas in Slovenia affected by floods are being shifted to the phase when basic conditions for subsistence and communications are being provided.

Slovenia has asked for equipment also through the mechanism managed by the Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre, the Government Communication Office (UKOM) said.

As part of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, Slovenia is seeking ten tracked excavators up to 7.5 tonnes, ten tracked excavators up to 17.5 tonnes and ten tracked excavators over 17.5 tonnes, all with engineer teams.

Slovenia has also asked the EU for ten loader excavators, 30 vehicles specialised for management of watercourses, all with engineering teams, and 20 prefabricated temporary bridges up to 40 metres in length.

The country has meanwhile requested from NATO five transport helicopters with the carrying capacity of at least five tonnes, 200 soldiers for protection, rescue and assistance tasks and 20 prefabricated temporary bridges up to 40 metres in length.

Croatia has already provided the assistance with a military helicopter to help close and secure a broken levee on the Mura River, while help from other countries is still expected to arrive.

Aid is being coordinated through the Civil Protection and Disaster Relief Administration, which is in constant touch with the two aid coordination centres in Brussels, UKOM said.

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