Savinja Valley still under threat of landslides, flood recovery ongoing

Ljubno ob Savinji/Luče/Mozirje, 9 August - Flood recovery efforts are ongoing in the Savinja Valley north-west of the capital. Some of the landslides caused by the heavy rain are moving and are being monitored by experts to prevent them reaching houses or damming the Savinja River.

Ljubno ob Savinji
A massive clean-up effort is underway after devastating floods hit Slovenia.
Photo: Nebojša Tejić/STA

More than 200 landslides triggered in the Ljubno ob Savinji municipality, Mayor Franjo Naraločnik told the STA on Wednesday.

The priority in flood recovery will be to establish road connections with neighbouring municipalities, Naraločnik said, adding that they have 40 excavators and 40 trucks. The municipality is expecting the help of some 100 firefighters and volunteers.

The road connecting Ljubno and Luče is also a priority for the Luče Mayor Klavdij Strmčnik as the road is important for food supply and daily migrations of the locals.

Road access to around six farms is still not possible but they are supplying them by helicopter. Foresters will try to reach two cut-off farms on Wednesday, Strmčnik said.

In Mozirje removal of waste will begin on Wednesday, Mayor Ivan Suhoveršnik told the STA. Returning streams back to their beds is also planned. Experts will look at the flooded houses to see whether they can be renovated or they will have to be demolished.

The Mozirje Flower Park is completely destroyed, Suhoveršnik said.

Gornji Grad does not have an estimate of the damages yet, said Mayor Anton Špeh. Their roads have turned into river beds, he added.

More than 30 farms are still cut off from the rest of the world, some are still without water.

They have received help from a German unit with heavy machinery.

Recovery efforts are continuing in Braslovče as well with the help of some 300 firefighters and 35 soldiers, said Mayor Tomaž Žohar.

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