First modular bridge brought to Koroška region

Mežica/Prevalje, 9 August - Having had all bridges damaged or destroyed by the swollen river Meža, the town of Mežica in the north has received the first modular bridge on Wednesday. It was brought there by members of the Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF), who will also set it up. "Slovenian army engineers will start building the bridge today," SAF tweeted.

The Slovenian Army delivered a modular bridge to Mežica, where the Meža destroyed all bridges.
Photo: Slovenian Armed Forces

Črna na Koroškem
The Meža, one of the main rivers in the region of Koroška, north.
Photo: STA

This is the first modular bridge brought to Koroška, one of the most severely affected regions by last week's catastrophic floods.

"This is the first such bridge in the region. For the other ones, we're still waiting to get reports from inspection services," regional Civil Protection commander Alan Matijevič told the STA.

Another modular bridge is expected to be sent to Prevalje, another town in Koroška where the Meža destroyed or damaged all the bridges.

It is expected to be brought there on Thursday evening while it should be installed from Friday to Sunday, Mayor Matic Tasič told the STA.

Prevalje locals erected a footbridge across the Meža last evening on initiative of a local entrepreneur whose company Adteh also manufactured it, thus establishing a link with Leše, one of the villages cut off until then.

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