Ljubljana University offering new PhD art studies

Ljubljana, 27 October - After more than a decade of efforts, the University of Ljubljana has acquired accreditation for a PhD programme in art studies, a first in Slovenia. The programme, modelled on those at art academies in other countries, will start in the next academic year.

The University of Ljubljana
Photo: Nebojša Tejić/STA
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The new achievement puts research in arts on par with other PhD studies in Slovenia, the University of Ljubljana said in a press release.

The new four-year doctoral programme in art studies is an upgrade of the first and second-cycle Bologna programmes and is equivalent to a third-cycle education in science.

It will be carried out by all three art academies in the capital - the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, the Academy of Music and the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television - in cooperation with the Biotechnical Faculty, the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, and the Faculty of Architecture.

Students will be able to acquire in-depth knowledge in several different domains such as fine arts, design, music, theatre, media, and architecture.

The university said the programme would offer a holistic approach to education, combine theory and research with practical work, and provide opportunities for international cooperation.

The main objective is to train doctoral candidates to perform the most demanding tasks in arts, to carry out independent research and to be treated equally in the international labour market.

At the same time it aims to create opportunities for further study in other post-doctoral art study programmes, the university cited vice dean of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Barbara Predan.

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