Daily headlines - Wednesday, 22 November

Ljubljana, 22 November - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Wednesday, 22 November:


"Slovenia to get two new embassies": Next year two countries are expected to open their embassies in Slovenia - South Korea and Algeria. (front page, 4)

Evacuation of Slovenians from Gaza
"Successful evacuation": Slovenia managed to evacuate a three-member Slovenian family from Gaza last week, Foreign Minister Tanja Fajon said yesterday. Two members of the family were injured, so the family was transported to Cairo, Egypt. (front page, 5)

Healthcare contribution
"Constitutionally contentious proposal": A proposed emergency bill on urgent measures in healthcare, which stipulates that the obligatory health contribution no longer counts as an expenditure in setting the tax base for income tax, is constitutionally contentious. (front page, 2)

"Night celebration was followed by partying": The celebration of Slovenian football team's win over Kazakhstan that secured Slovenia a berth in UEFA Euro 2024 continued in Ljubljana's Congress Square on Tuesday as fans greeted the team. (front page, 13-15)


Urbanisation of Ljubljana Marshes
"There will be water, they say in Črna Vas": As new buildings have been constructed in the flood-prone area in Črna Vas in Ljubljana Marshes, experts warn urbanisation in such a delicate area is cause for concern. (front page, 4-5)

Budget bills
"Budget plans marked by floods": MPs have been discussing budget proposals for the next two years, both of which are strongly marked by the August flood costs. (front page, 2)

"Football: Victorious footballers welcomed in Ljubljana": The Slovenian football team, which earned a berth in UEFA Euro 2024 with a win over Kazakhstan at home yesterday, was greeted in Ljubljana's Congress Square by some two thousand people on Tuesday afternoon. (front page, 13-15)


Green transition
"EUR 42m for industry's green transition. Who the money is indented for and under what conditions?": A new call for applications intended for companies that plan major investment in decarbonisation and boosting energy efficiency will be published in the first half of next year. (front page, 2-3)

"Outfit7: How much money did Talking Tom bring to the Chinese in six years": After five consecutive years of growth, Outfit7 profit dropped by almost 30% last year. (front page, 4)

"What changes in ZZZS introducing for referrals' duration": Under the changes proposed by the ZZZS, GPs referring patients to specialists will issue open-ended referrals, so specialists will be authorised to decide on all further treatments. (front page, 7)


"Faith in football is back": After Slovenia secured a berth in UEFA Euro 2024, the Slovenian football and budget will receive millions. Since UEFA raised the budget for EURO 2024 by 23% compared to 2020, it is clear that every participating team will receive EUR 9.25 million. (front page, 2, 9-11)

People's bonds
"No courage yet for people's bonds": Finance Minister Klemen Boštjančič broke his promise about issuing the so-called people's bonds with which people would borrow money to the state and benefit from the interest rate. In Croatia the bonds are a big success. (front page, 4)

"Train ride through Dravograd to Celje": Nine mayors from Austria have launched a petition to revive an abolished railway track Lavamünd-Dravograd-Celje. Slovenia is not in favour of the idea, as the track has partly been used as a cycling path. (front page, 6)

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