Daily headlines - Tuesday, 28 November

Ljubljana, 28 November - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Tuesday, 28 November:


"Another lawsuit against the state looming in energy sector": After energy company Petrol sued the state because of fuel price regulation, now another law suit may be filed in the energy sector over measures to mitigate the price hikes during the Janez Janša government. (front page, 8)

Western Balkans
"Serbian duel on the sunny side of Alps": Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić claims that Serbian businessman Dragan Šolak influenced Slovenian decision-makers so they rejected the Serbian candidate for ambassador to Slovenia. (front page, 5)

Gaza war
"Truce extended by two days": Israel and Hamas agreed with the help of Qatar and Egypt to extend the humanitarian ceasefire in the Gaza Strip for another two days. (front page, 6)


Financial problems of RTV Slovenija
"Govt to transfer millions to RTV": The government will provide more funds to RTV Slovenija for its programmes for ethnic minorities in 2023 and 2024, in what seems to the beginning of the tackling of the dire financial situation at the public broadcaster. (front page, 3)

Janez Janša property case
"Excluding evidence in Janša's Trenta case": Part of what is said to be crucial evidence in a real estate manoeuvring case against former Prime Minister Janez Janša dating back to 2005 has reportedly been excluded from the trial at the Celje District Court. (front page, 3)

Gaza war
"Israel-Palestine: Weapons will rest for at least another two days": The fears of the people in Gaza that after four days of truce, war will return, did not come true, as the ceasefire has been extended by another two days. (front page, 6)


Asset management
"How inefficient are we: Norwegian state giant Norges vs. SSH": The Norwegian fund Norges, which manages 1.5% of the global economy has only four times more staff than the custodian of Slovenian state assets, SSH. (front page, 5-5)

"Most frequent professions among self-employed": The most self-employed are hairdressers, drivers, retailers, and carpenters, official statistics show. (front page, 2-3)

Transport and logistics
"2024: How logistic companies get ready for cooling": Dropping demand is not a new challenge for logistic companies; it has been affecting them for the last few months. What is new is a big drop in transshipment, which was recorded in September. (front page, 18-19)


Tree-lined road
"How much a tree-lined road is worth?": In 2015, the value of the trees along the Kamniška Street in Maribor that now need maintenance was estimated at EUR 340,650. The environmental benefits of the trees were estimated at over EUR 7,000. (front page, 13)

"Why nobody answers the phones": The problem with accessibility of doctors in community health centres does not depend on the size of the centre, an analysis conducted by Human Rights Ombudsman has shown. (front page, 2)

Pensions rise
"Pensions to go up by 8.2% in January": Pensioners will receive 1.8% higher pensions at the end of the week and on 20 December they will receive a Christmas bonus for the first time. (front page, 3)

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