Daily headlines - Tuesday, 12 December

Ljubljana, 12 December - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Tuesday, 12 December:


"Champagne pops on route of second track": The Gabrovica rail viaduct on the route of the second rail track between Divača and Koper, over 400 metres long, has been completed and in two weeks an even longer viaduct will be finished. (front page, 9)

Media law
"Helping journalists, not the industry": The Culture Ministry will unveil today a reform media law that revolves around three pillars: autonomy of journalists, media diversity, and transparency. (front page, 2)

EU public opinion
"Split on enlargement": The latest public opinion poll by the European Council on Foreign Relations shows stark differences in views on enlargement between old and new member states. Romania and Poland are much more supportive of enlargement than France and Denmark. (front page, 5)

Pharma investment
"Hi-tech pharmacy coming": Lek has broken ground on a new factory for the production of ingredients for biosimilars in Lendava. They will create 330 new jobs. (front page)


Hospital investment
"Temporary relocation to container hospital planned": The UKC Ljubljana wishes to set up a modular hospital on the site of the former Neurology Department as a temporary facility for the Infectious Diseases Department while a new building is under construction. (front page, 4)

"They would educate judges about sexual violence": The Left and the Labour Ministry want judges to receive special training on sexual violence. The Justice Ministry says the government cannot change case law. (front page, 3, 12)


EU recovery funds
"Less for healthcare, floods development": Compared to the original plans under the National Recovery and Resilience Fund, there will be less money for healthcare, development and flood protection, but more for sustainable mobility and renovation of buildings. (front page, 2, 3)

NLB bank
"When will NLB get Apple Pay, will dividends be higher, how long will interest rates remain unchanged": NLB bank CEO Blaž Brodnjak tells Finance the bank will continue paying dividends twice a year even though this is more expensive for small shareholders. He expects interest rates on deposits to remain stable for a while. (front page, 10, 11)

New insolvency rules
"How you'll not be able to disconnect debtors' water, electricity and internet": Under changes to insolvency law that took effect on 1 November, service providers will not be able to simply cut services just because a debtor is in bankruptcy protection. (front page, 4)


Lek investment in Lendava
"Another 300 employees": Lek has broken ground on a US$ 400 million dollar investment in the production of biosimilars in Lendava. It expects to create 300 jobs there. (front page, 2)

Media law
"Three pillars of quality media": The Culture Ministry will unveil today a reform media law that is expected to improve transparency regarding media ownership while guaranteeing media freedom and shielding journalists' autonomy. (front page, 3)

"She orchestrated abuse of prostitution from jail": Police have charged 27 people suspected of running a prostitution ring and trafficking in persons. Twelve have been detained, one of the suspected ringleaders was running things from prison. (front page, 9)

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