Daily headlines - Friday, 15 December

Ljubljana, 15 December - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Friday, 15 December:


"From Ljubljana to Maribor in 80 minutes": Head of Slovenian Railways Dušan Mes has announced that in 2028 the number of passengers travelling by rail will increase from the current 16 million to 25 million. (front page, 11)

Health insurance
"All about the new obligatory contribution": In January next year the top-up health insurance will be replaced by obligatory insurance and citizens have many questions about the new system. (front page, 2)

Self-employed in culture
"Improvements for the most vulnerable": As of new year, the Culture Ministry will pay the new obligatory health contribution to the self-employed in culture eligible for the covering of contributions. (front page, 17)


Food prices
"Govt basket of food products misleading consumers?": The government food price watch project will continue next year despite criticism from experts, farmers, manufacturers and retailers. (front page, 2)

"Criminal Maki is safe from Slovenian prosecutors": Mladen Samardžija, who is wanted for his role in the Slovenian cell of the Kavač Clan, is safe in Bosnia and Herzegovina from the Slovenian prosecution for now. But the story would have been very different if he were caught in an EU country. (front page, 12)


New Pohorje ski lift
"New Ruška waiting for snow": A new four-seat ski lift at the Pohorje ski slopes, which was launched yesterday, replaced the 47-year-old Orel and Ruška ski lifts. This is to boost tourism in the area. (front page, 13)

Long-term care
"Institute flooded with questions about notices": Most of the 1.7 million health insurance holders have already received notices on long-term care. But most of them do not understand them. (front page, 2)

Tuš employees
"Employees at Tuš are stepping up pressure": Just like a year ago employees at retailer Tuš are trying to force the management into changes just before the peak of the consumer season. But the changes they demand are the same as what workers fought for in the 19th century. (front page, 18)

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