Daily headlines - Wednesday, 17 January

Ljubljana, 17 January - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Wednesday, 17 January:


New technologies
"Oversight over artificial intelligence coming soon": The EU will be the first in the world to introduce rules regulating the use of AI. The act on AI is to ban the most controversial practices. (front page, 8)

PM's promoting of Gallup tests
"Corruption risks": The Commission for the Prevention of Corruption has found no ethics breaches in an interview Prime Minister Robert Golob gave for Gallup regarding a talent test offered by the company, but it did detect potential corruption risk and issued recommendations to avoid such risk.

EU elections
"Choosing lead candidates": European political families are intensively preparing for the June EU elections and will present their lead candidates soon. (front page, 5)


Quality of life in Ljubljana
"Safe and clean city, but not suitable for raising a family": The residents of Ljubljana are generally happy with the quality of life in the capital, which is considered a safe and clean city. But they do not find it friendly for the elderly, migrants or families. (front page, 8)

Sexual abuse case
"Jesenice head teacher gets three years and ten months": The Kranj District Court rushed to deliver a ruling despite an ongoing judges' strike in the case of former head teacher of a primary school in Jesenice. He was sentenced to three years and ten months in prison for sexually assaulting a ten-year-old daughter of his former partner and for video-recording two other victims. (front page, 3)


Spade of the Year
The front page highlights another quote nominated for the newspaper's Spade of the Year award: sociologist Franc Trček says that because politicians are not self-fulfilled people the Slovenian politics is a theatre devoid of content and common people are paying for this from their own pockets.

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