Daily headlines - Monday, 22 January

Ljubljana, 22 January - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Monday, 22 January:


"Slovenians most worried by high inflation": A Delo-commissioned survey has found that what Slovenians find to be key in assessing the work of the government is efforts to tame price hikes. Another factor that most affects the government's approval ratings is the failure so far to implement the reforms that were promised. (front page, 2)

Germany protests
"Hundreds of thousands of protesters": Hundreds of thousands of Germans took to the streets this weekends to protest against the far right and the Alternative for Germany party. (front page, 5)

Ski jumping
"Eagles ready for Kulm and Ljubno": Slovenian male ski jumpers are prepared for the upcoming Ski Flying World Championships in Kulm, Austria, while their female counterparts are ready for the FIS World Cup events in Ljubno. (front page, 10)


Pay negotiations
"Govt faces vicious circle of extortion": The government insists that the public sector pay system will be reformed as a whole, but it also faces potential escalations in strike or protest activities. (front page, 2, commentary 12)

Anti-graft watchdog
"Ideas to abolish KPK gaining momentum again": Proposals to abolish the anti-graft watchdog KPK are gaining momentum again, as MPs commissioned a study that could be used as reasoning for this kind of move. The study found that there are no such watchdogs in countries with lowest levels of corruption. (front page, 3)


Spade of the Year
"Let them applaud you": Entrepreneur and soldier Bojan Lunežnik took home the 25th Spade of the Year award, conferred by Večer, for his statement urging people to strive to make it in life. (front page, 2-4)

EU elections
"Kangler to run in EU elections on SDS's ticket?": The Democrats (SDS) will vote on their list of candidates for the upcoming European elections in Maribor on 17 February. Franc Kangler, a former Maribor mayor, may be on the ticket. (front page, 6)

Ski jumping
"Nearly impossible to be even better": Slovenian jumpers, both men and women, are in great form, and their junior counterparts are winning medals as well. (front page, 13)

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