Daily headlines - Tuesday, 30 January

Ljubljana, 30 January - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Tuesday, 30 January:


Cargo transport
"Unstable Middle East brings price hikes": Due to the situation in the Middle East, cargo ships are being redirected to a longer route around Africa, which means big delays for shipping from Asia and higher costs. (front page, 8)

Court building scandal
"SD withdraws support to Švarc Pipan": The Social Democrats (SD) unanimously called on Justice Minister Dominika Švarc Pipan, one of their three government ministers, to resign over the contentious purchase of a dilapidated and possibly overpriced building late last year meant to be renovated to house several courts. (front page, 2)

Pensions raise
"Pensions 8.2% higher tomorrow": Just over 638,000 pensioners will receive 8.2% higher pensions tomorrow. This is to cost EUR 562 million a year. (front page, 3)

Administrative units strike
"Clerks threaten with work to rule": As media extensively reported of clerks at 41 out of the country's 58 administrative units going on strike, there were virtually no clients at the Ljubljana administrative unit yesterday. (front page, 2)


Sponsorships and donations
"Whom do they open their wallets to the most": After news broke out that police are investigating sponsor contracts that public utilities Energetika and Voka Snaga closed with football club FC Olimpija last year, the paper checked the donations by other public companies from Ljubljana to sports clubs and associations. (front page, 8-9)

Violations of rights of Turkish workers building the Koper-Divača rail track
"State inviting new workers, while those who were played are being sent home": Administrative units will deal with requests for work permits by Turkish workers who will get a job with Yapi Merkezi as a priority so that the shortage created because cooperation ended with a subcontractor that violated workers' rights will be filled as soon as possible. (front page, 3)


Administrative units strike
"Only one step away from work-to-rule strike": The Public Administration Ministry is underestimating public administration employees. 70% of administrative units and some 80% of the staff joined the strike, but the state does not care, says Dragan Stanković, the head of confederation of administrative units trade unions. (front page, 3)

Court building scandal
"SD urges minister to step down": As of yesterday Justice Minster Dominika Švarc Pipan no longer enjoys the support of her Social Democrats (SD) in the face of the contentious purchase of a dilapidated and possibly overpriced building to house several courts. The question now is what PM Robert Golob will do. (front page, 2)

Traffic in Maribor
"Traffic collapse near UKC Maribor": Traffic congestions around UKC Maribor hospital have been persisting for weeks and have gotten worse not better. Often vehicles do not even move. (front page, 15)

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