Daily headlines - Tuesday, 13 February

Ljubljana, 13 February - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Tuesday, 13 February:


Social Democrats crisis
"SD to hold electoral congress in two months": The Social Democrats (SD) decided to hold a congress to elect new leadership in mid-April. It is not yet clear whether the party's current leader Tanja Fajon will run again. Outgoing Justice Minister Dominika Švarc Pipan, an SD member, decided to quit the party. (front page, 2)

War in Gaza
"Israel's army bombing Rafah": During Sunday night Israel's warplane pounded at least 20 targets in Rafah, where more than 1 million people fled seeking refuge. Israel's next step seems to be a ground assault, and evacuations from Rafah are not possible. Thousands of Palestinian civilians are paying the price of Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu's attempt at political survival. (front page, 5)

"For even better science": The National Institute of Biology's Biotech Hub was inaugurated in Ljubljana with its director noting the importance of the new hub for scientific development and cooperation. (front page, 4)


Social Democrats crisis
"Fajon's fate to be decided at electoral congress": The Social Democrats (SD) yesterday discussed ways to exit the current crisis, after the party became embroiled in a scandal involving the Justice Ministry's purchase of a building in Ljubljana. The SD decided to hold an electoral congress, which is due to take place on 13 April. (front page, 2)

"Lawsuit freezes construction of three high-rises in Dravlje": Construction of three high-rises in the Dravlje borough in Ljubljana has been suspended as a group of locals decided to take the matter to court to challenge the building permit. (front page, 8)


Social Democrats crisis
"SD to hold electoral congress": Matevž Frangež will replace Klemen Žibert, who recently resigned as the Social Democrats' (SD) secretary general, and on 13 April the party will elect its new leadership at a congress. (front page, 2)

Domestic retail bond
"Demand steady, sums different": Subscription to domestic retail bonds ends on Friday at noon. Finance Minister Klemen Boštjančič said yesterday that demand was in line with expectations, and chairman of brokerage firm Ilirika Igor Štemberger said it even exceeded his own expectations. All of the available bonds are expected to be purchased, he added. (front page, 3)

Strike of emergency dispatchers
"A lot of stress, but money is scarce": Emergency dispatchers will go on strike next Monday for the first time in Slovenia's history, demanding higher pay for their stressful jobs. (front page, 4)

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