Daily headlines - Friday, 23 February

Ljubljana, 23 February - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Friday, 23 February:


Economic outlook
"Slovenia with much higher growth than Germany": The German economy is projected to grow by 0.2% this year, while Slovenia's GDP is projected to expand by 2.3%, according to Bojan Ivanc, the chief economist of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS). Inflation is expected to calm down to 3% or even less. (front page, 3)

NLB results
"NLB increases dividend payout": As the NLB bank last year posted EUR 551 million in net profit, it will pay out dividends of EUR 11 per share this year, which is double of the amount paid out in 2023. Around 40% of the annual profit will also be paid out to the shareholders next year. (front page, 8)

Farmers' protest
"Farmers protested again, minister calming them down": Farmers staged protests with tractors in several locations around the country to warn about their difficult situation due to the strict environmental requirements of the common agricultural policy and the uncontrolled imports of grain from Ukraine. (front page, 5)


Farmers' protest
"Farmers are angry, agriculture in chaos": Farmers with tractors staged a new protest in several locations around the country, but unlike last year, it had not been known in advance where and when the rallies will take place, and who is the organiser. (front page, 2)

Stožice Stadium
"Will turf in the stadium be ready for Ronaldo?": The turf in Stožice Stadium in Ljubljana, which has been in a very bad state since last year, will most likely be renovated by the Hungarian company Garden Group. The project is expected to be finalised before the friendly match between Slovenia and Portugal, scheduled for 26 March. (front page, 8)

Cave rescue
"Injured caver brought to the surface after 18 hours": A caver who injured his arm and ribs on Wednesday afternoon some 150 m below the surface in a cave near Gotenica in southern Slovenia was rescued yesterday after 18 hours of efforts, which included the blasting of certain narrow parts of the cave. (front page, 11)


"No paediatricians": The Adolf Drolc community health centre in Maribor has been facing shortage of paediatricians for years, and the situation could become even worse this year. They need at least two additional doctors, while two are set to retire this year, with no substitute having been secured for one of them. (front page, 13)

Bank profits
"Party for banks": Commercial banks and savings banks in Slovenia recorded enormous profits last year. Most of the profit was contributed by borrowers, who paid almost twice as much interest than in 2022. (front page, 2-3)

UN Security Council
"Only Americans influence Israel": The paper runs an interview with Samuel Žbogar, Slovenia's representative in the UN Security Council, about the reasons for a resolution on ceasefire in Gaza being vetoed, the rights of Palestinians and chances of ending the war in Ukraine. (front page, 4)

"Better on the pitch - and in the standings": Maribor hosted Bravo in front of some 2,000 fans in Ljudski Vrt Stadium in what was a battle for third place in the standings of the premier football league. Maribor won 2:1. (front page, 10)

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