Daily headlines - Tuesday, 5 March

Ljubljana, 5 March - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Tuesday, 5 March:


Poor ski season
"After poor winter season, hopes for better summer": The hopes of Slovenian ski lift operators that the winter school holidays will make up for the poor start to the season were dashed by warm weather. Many have already shut down, many will soon, while some never opened. (front page, 8)

Doctors' strike
"Govt decree sent into constitutional review": It seems that the doctors' strike will not end any time soon, as the sides are stepping up criticism of each other, overshadowing talks of a possible mediation. (front page, 2 and 3)

Elan exhibition
"Skier and his technician": An exhibition opened in the museum of the ski maker Elan about Swedish skier Ingemar Stenmark and his technician Jurij Vogelnik. (front page, 11)


Car park rampage
"Fast and furious - not just in Rudnik": All across Slovenia, young petrol heads have been getting together for races in public car parks since the first instalment of the Fast and Furious film franchise. The police believes a race track would make these events safer. (front page, 3, 11)

Real estate
"What will happen to plots for court building": The Ljubljana Municipality is selling a building leased by the Ministry of Justice, housing the labour and social courts. The ministry has no intention of buying, because the building cannot be made accessible to the disabled. However, the recent purchase of a possible new court building is being investigated and it is unclear when the court would move to appropriate premises. Meanwhile, a site bought for the purpose of building a new court is used as a car park and another is an abandoned construction site. (front page, 8)


"NATO growing stronger": The expansion of NATO to include Sweden and Finland is a historical shift in Europe's security architecture after the second world war. Whether this will lead into further escalation in terms of Russia will depend on NATO's communication, which has not been exactly stellar recently. (front page, 2)

"140 trees will be cut": After initial plans to cut down all trees in a kilometre-long avenue in the municipality of Hoče-Slivnica were met with protest, a new plan now entails that 24 of the healthiest trees will be preserved. (front page, 13)

Doctors' strike
"Who cares about patients": Prime Minister Robert Golob said not the government but Fides was responsible for the distress of patients as the longest strike in the country's history continues. (front page, 3)

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