Daily headlines - Tuesday, 12 March

Ljubljana, 12 March - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Tuesday, 12 March:


Gaza siege
"Ramadan fails to bring even moment's relief": People living in the Gaza Strip have endured five months of torture and are starting the Ramadan starved, exhausted, sick and traumatised. Instead of a highly awaited ceasefire, Ramadan started with a new wave of destruction. Ceasefire remains illusive as Israel gets ready for a land offensive on Rafah. (front page, 6)

Doctors' strike
"High time to freeze strike": Prime Minister Robert Golob once again called on the Fides union of doctors and dentists to suspend the strike, saying there is no reason to continue. Negotiations are to resume today. (front page, 3)

"Take a Clio down third development axis": The motorway company Dars is digitalising the motorways infrastructure, so as to make it able to communicate with cars. A simulator built by a Slovenian company is of help. (front page, 9)


Medical mistake
"Doctor fails to recognise septic shock": Oversight at the UKC Maribor and Ptuj hospitals found a myriad of mistakes that led to the death of a patient initially admitted for bile duct infection. (front page, 2 and 3)

Police procedure
"At least one death a year during police intervention": Following the death of a 61-year-old Moldovan during a police intervention, the police said that about one death a year happens during police interventions. (front page, 10)


"Poor become even poorer": Considerable increases in the cost of living, in electricity, rents, have have made the situation even worse for the poor in the Maribor region. (front page, 14 and 15)

Outsourcing doctors
"Many doctors give up": It takes a year and a half to get the papers together for foreign doctors who want to come to work in Slovenia. The majority are from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. (front page, 5)

MLM foundry
"D Day for MLM Foundry": The Sovereign Holding might launch bankruptcy proceedings at the MLM foundry which is currently doing well. (front page, 3)

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