Daily headlines - Thursday, 14 March

Ljubljana, 14 March - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Thursday, 14 March:


Public sector
"Wave of strikes soars, govt not giving in": The paper wonders whether it will pay off for the government to insist on joint pay reform talks. (front page, 2)

Ski jumps
"Major win for Nika Prevc in Trondheim": Nika Prevc celebrated her seventh victory this season and is likely to claim the overall victory already this weekend. (front page, 18)

"Additional 100 teams in healthcare": The assembly of public healthcare insurer ZZZS was in session to discuss healthcare accessibility, with Health Minister Valentina Prevolnik Rupel saying that 100 new medical teams would be established. (front page, 3)


Knife incident
"Drama in Bavarski Dvor in bright daylight": A 23-year-old man threatened passers-by with knives Wednesday afternoon. After an hour of negotiations and failed attempts to disarm him, the man was persuaded by his father to surrender. (front page, 19)

Cultural rights legislation
"Learning mother tongue no threat to integration": New Slovenia (NSi) has accused the government of wanting to enact learning of mother tongue for immigrant children instead of learning Slovenian. Fear mongering is unfounded because the legislation already entails Slovenian lessons as well as lessons of their mother tongue. (front page, 2 and 12)


Mental health
"Chaos in psychotherapy": The government has promised to overhaul mental health legislation, allegedly asking an economist to help draft it. The man then studied a psychotherapy method the Health Ministry currently does not recognise. (front page, 4)

MLM foundry
"No decision as yet about MLM": A supervisory board meeting at the MLM foundry was suspended as supervisors demanded additional explanations about the company's last year's results. (front page, 3)

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