News roundup - Monday, 13 May, until 3pm

Ljubljana, 13 May - Below is a roundup of major events on Monday, 13 May, until 3pm local time:

Pirc Musar warns public not being informed properly about N-plant project

LJUBLJANA - Chiming into the debate on plans for a new nuclear reactor in Krško for the first time, President Nataša Pirc Musar called for a transparent debate, saying that while she is a supporter of nuclear energy, more questions than answers are currently on the table in what would be the biggest investment the country's history.

Logar says he plans to run for SDS head

LJUBLJANA - Anže Logar, an MP for the opposition Democrats (SDS) who in mid-2023 founded a platform that was expected to evolve into a party but has not, told weekly Reporter he sees no reason to pursue an independent political path but rather plans to run for SDS head at the party's next congress. Janša responded to Logar's statements by saying on X that the SDS was not available for takeovers and that decisions in the SDS were made by party members.

Minister visits Slovenian community in Serbia

NOVI SAD/NIŠ, Serbia - Minister for Slovenians Abroad Matej Arčon started a multi-day visit to Serbia on Sunday to meet representatives of the Slovenian ethnic community there. In Novi Sad he met representatives of the Slovenian associations from Vojvodina and Smederevo. Today the minister will continue his visit in Niš to meet representatives of associations from the south of the country.

Coalition partners relatively happy with work so far, opposition feels hampered

LJUBLJANA - Just over two years after the general election that led to Freedom Movement leader Robert Golob forming a government with the Social Democrats (SD) and the Left, the coalition partners are relatively satisfied with their work and cooperation in parliament. But they say much work still lies ahead. The two opposition parties, the Democrats (SDS) and New Slovenia (NSi), are critical of the government and believe their work in parliament is being hampered by the coalition.

Parliament president says work running smoothly

LJUBLJANA - Halfway into the parliament's term, National Assembly President Urška Klakočar Zupančič told the STA in an interview that work is proceeding smoothly, and legislation is dealt with efficiently and quickly. Since the start of this parliament, almost 300 laws have been proposed and just over 200 passed. The number of laws passed in emergency procedure "stands out" because the country faced energy and cost of living crises, and a major natural disaster, she said.

Petrol picked as part of consortium for TEN-T EV charging stations

LJUBLJANA - Energy group Petrol plans to set up 65 more charging stations for electric vehicles at 20 locations in Slovenia and 40 at 15 locations in Croatia as part of the Cross-E project, having been selected as one of the companies to boost charging infrastructure on the corridors of the TEN-T pan-European transport network.

Sale of Panvita sign of immaturity and foolishness, says expert

LJUBLJANA - The sale of Slovenia's agri-food company Panvita to the Croatian services group Mplus has come as no surprise to agricultural economics expert Aleš Kuhar. He sees the move as a sign of immaturity and foolishness manifested in the actions of the past 20 years, on the part of experts but particularly when it comes to decision-makers.

EUR 9m available for development-oriented research projects

LJUBLJANA - The Slovenian Research Agency (ARIS) is offering EUR 9.19 million for research projects that will help the government draw up development and other policies aimed at boosting Slovenia's competitiveness and sustainable development. The funds are available as part of the CRP 2024 research programme for an inclusive, healthy, safe and responsible society, a highly productive economy, for life-long learning, a healthy natural environment.

Free Palestine series of events starting in Ljubljana

LJUBLJANA - A week-long series events entitled Free Palestine will get under way in Ljubljana today to mark the 76th anniversary of the Nakba. Panel discussion, talks, film screenings and exhibitions will be organised as part of the initiative. The project, remembering the 1948 violent displacement of hundreds of thousands of Arab Palestinians and the developments that have followed, has been organised in some form for several years by the Vodnikova Domačija house of literature and the Movement for the Rights of Palestinians.

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