Increasingly many people in Slovenia live comfortably, poll shows

Ljubljana, 15 May - The share of people in Slovenia who do not have financial problems has increased by 10 percentage points to 37% compared to 2023, shows a survey conducted by the Mediana Institute. Some 48% of respondents said they are neither comfortable nor struggling, which puts Slovenia above the EU and global average.

Young people walk down the street.
Photo: Bor Slana/STA

The survey, conducted in cooperation with WIN, a leading global market and opinion research association, looked into the current financial situation of the population and the impact of price rises on their consumption, Mediana said in a press release.

Globally, the share of those living comfortably despite the general price increase has increased by 3 percentage points compared to last year, to 28% this year. But the share of people struggling to make ends meet increased by 1 point to 37%.

However, the share of people in the middle class according to Median's methodology, who are neither comfortable nor financially struggling, decreased compared to 2023 to 32%.

Slovenia has the lowest proportion of people who struggle financially among all countries surveyed, at 12%, and is followed by the Netherlands (15%) and Croatia (23%). The highest proportion in Europe has Greece, at 43%.

On the whole, Europe has the lowest share of people who struggle financially, at 28%, while in both Americas the share is at 46% and in Africa it is at 51%.

The survey was conducted among 33,866 people from 39 countries between December 2023 and January 2024.

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