Vojnik hosts conference of Slovenian scientists and businessmen living abroad

Vojnik, 20 June - Slovenian scientists and businessman from around the globe and Slovenia gathered in Vojnik on Thursday for their 12th conference to exchange know-how and experience in development and attracting staff and investment. The event was organised under President Nataša Pirc Musar's honorary sponsorship by window and door maker Mik Celje.

Vojnik, razvojni center Mika Celje.
XII. konferenca slovenskih znanstvenikov in gospodarstvenikov iz sveta in Slovenije.
Predsednik Svetovnega slovenskega kongresa Boris Pleskovič.
Foto: Lili Pušnik/STA

The two-day conference aims to help Slovenians living outside their homeland get information how to return home, Mik Celje director Franci Pliberšek told the press on Thursday, adding that around 60% of the Slovenians living abroad would like to return home.

"It's good for them to find out which companies they can work with, where they can put their skills to best use. On the other hand, it's a good opportunity for all young people who would like to study or go on an exchange abroad, because they can do it more easily through Slovenians living and working abroad."

Pliberšek invites young students from the US and England to come to Slovenia on an exchange programme for a few months. He believes that young people need to be shown that only with effort and knowledge can they achieve good results and that work is a value.

Boris Pleskovič, president of the Slovenian World Congress, said that Slovenia has a highly educated workforce, which is not being used enough, and too many leave.

He agreed with Pliberšek's assessment that some 60% of Slovenians working abroad want to return, but bureaucratic and tax obstacles make it difficult for them to do so.

The main topic discussed at the conference today is technological and sustainable development.

Tomorrow's agenda will focus on a clean environment and quality of life, a conducive business environment, on attracting quality staff and investment, as well as on cooperation of scientists and business people.

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