Acts of sabotage continue in Slovenia

Ljubljana, 6 August - Acts of sabotage by hitherto unidentified individuals over the past two weeks warn that peace in Slovenia is only illusory. The competent organs call on people to be vigilant and report whatever information can help the course of the investigation. The police do not rule out the possibility of further sabotage and have enhanced control of important facilities. Experts are analyzing the traces and debris after last Sunday's explosion at a Maribor petrol station. The perpetrators of terrorist actions on long-distance power line supports in Dogoše and Miklavž near Maribor and the mining of some power line supports in Krško and Pesje near Krško have not yet been identified. Investigators say that the explosive was planted in an expert way and that there are obvious similarities between the two acts. Beside one of the blown up power line supports they have found a lighter of military origin and on the power line support near Krško an unexploded time device. In addition to these, a theft of weapons took place in the army-owned repair workshop in Bregana. As to the identity of perpetrators, several answers are possible but nothing has been established with certainty as yet.

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