Lojze Peterle received French Assembly deputy Bernard Stasi

Ljubljana, 6 August - Slovenian prime minister Lojze Peterle today received French Assembly deputy Bernard Stasi and conferred with him about international cooperation and the situation in Yugoslavia. The prime minister said that Slovenia would like to expand cooperation with France which ranks fourth in Slovenia's exports and 3rd in its imports. Last year Slovenia accounted for 51.7 percent of Yugoslavia's total exports to France and for 52.8 percent of Yugoslav imports from that country. Peterle expressed satisfaction at France's having softened its inflexible stand on Slovenia. He reiterated Slovenia's well-known stance on the need for an immediate ceasefire in Yugoslavia and the consistent implementation of the Brioni resolution. The problem of Yugoslavia can no longer be solved in its integrity and should be approached by segments, he underlined adding that Slovenia has already fulfilled the requirements for international recognition.

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