United States Department: American citizens should leave Slovenia and Croatia

Ljubljana, 9 August - The Yugoslav press agency Tanjug reported this morning that the United States Department of State has advised all American citizens to leave Slovenia and Croatia. This item of news has alarmed the population of Slovenia considerably. The American Consulate in Belgrade and the American Consulate in Zagreb state that this is only a reiteration of the advice given to all United States citizens already on July 4, this year. The same communication also informs that the director of the American Cultural Center in Ljubljana, Mr. Eugen Santor, will return to Ljubljana. This message leads to the conclusion that the situation in Slovenia is not escalating and that the tension is even decreasing to a certain degree. The director of the American Cultural Center in Ljubljana was evacuated to Frankfurt before the beginning of the attack on Slovenia and is currently working as Advisor to the American Ambassador in Belgrade Warren Zimmerman, on matters concerning Slovenia.

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