Slovenia intends to adress a memorandum to the members of the EC and CSCE

Ljubljana, 10 August - According to sources close to the Slovenian foreign ministry, Slovenia intends to adress a memorandum to the members of the Europian Community and the Conference on safety and cooperation next week, warning the international public that only further internationalization can contain and stop the destruction which certain forces in Yugoslavia are trying to achieve. Also obvious are tendencies to overstep the precisely determined time-frame for negotiations to solve the Yugoslav crisis, and thus to prolong the status quo and the non-legal status of the institution of government in Yugoslavia. In a special memorandum, Slovenia will also warn the international public of the continuing agression against Slovenia, which is carried over in the area of terrorism, since after the end of the military agression on Slovenia there have been no less than 5 terrorist actions. It is also obvious that the economic war against Slovenia continues, as is indicated by the plunder of properties of the Republic of Slovenia and its companies in Serbia, Montenegro and parts of Bosnia and Hercegovina, and also by the insistence of the National Bank of Yugoslavia in blocking the access of Slovenia to primary emission, foreign loans, foreign currency and cash in dinars.

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